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Discussion in 'V-8 Buick Powered Regals' started by Bar50, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. regal81455

    regal81455 Well-Known Member

    You know you'll get urge for more power right after you install that 350 so why start small!! :grin:
  2. Gary Farmer

    Gary Farmer "The Paradigm Shifter"


    So instead of the "CAUTION FAN" on the shroud, It should read "CAUTION 455".
  3. Bar50

    Bar50 Well-Known Member

    My deal on the 455 versus the 350 is that for about the same price for just a basic freshen up of the motor, say, re-ring, bearings, gaskets and valve job equals more torque and horsepower. Finding any aftermarket parts, say an intake its about the same price with a bigger return on the power. I like the 350 and it is a simple direct plug-in. Its a minor hassle for the frame stands. For a pump gas friendly drop in, its gotta' be the 455.

    I like the 350 Buick I have, it is mountains better than a 3.8 V6. It sounds awesome with the 2-1/2" dual exhaust with chamber mufflers. So, in the grand scheme its take out he V6 add a 350 Buick if you have one, look for a 455 to upgrade to if you want or need more. The real world, low compression, big block motor with a mild gear and over-drive makes for awesome drive-ability with equal amount of fun! Even better, no rocket science needed. You can add in the 200R4 at any spot in the line.

    Anyway, got some free time coming up, Buick projects on the horizon.
  4. nekkidhillbilly

    nekkidhillbilly jeffreyrigged youtube channel owner

    5 mpg is alot imo. and you can get 350s for free pretty much. depends on your use for the car. dd i like the 350.
  5. johnwwjr

    johnwwjr Founders Club Member

    I started my Regal thinking I was going for the SBB, but things got out of hand, and I tried a bunch of other things I would not have had to do with the 350. Lots of fun, lots of money on some things,... too much in fact, but there it is. I hope to have it drivable by June (This Year), and try to get out to the BPG in August. We'll see. Anyhow, If you got the 350, and the trans, go with it, more of a bolt in than the 455, and you'll be on the road sooner.
  6. Gary Farmer

    Gary Farmer "The Paradigm Shifter"

    You better take it reeeally easy at first until you get used to a big block in a G body...

    Fun? sure!

    I don't know what kind of 350's you guys have been driving, but the 350 I used to have ran so damn good that people thought it was a big block, and it would actually pull past 4500 without falling on its face. It would compete against Mopar 383 and Chevy 396.

    Handling characteristics would be better with the 350 too. Center of gravity is better, the 350 sits lower in the car and further back. I have swapped a 350 for a 455, and I can tell you from personal experience the car handles worse. The horsepower felt the same as the 350 (went from high comp 350 to low comp 455)--the only real improvement was the low-end torque. Comparing these two is relevant to this post because we're talking about bang for the buck, which represents the cheaper low comp 455 vs the moderately built 350.

    Unless you can get that 455 to hook up, you'll be blowing through tires and the car will actually be slower as a result. Get it to hook up, then you have to worry about beefing everything up so nothing breaks.

    Sure if you just toss in a stock 8:1 455 you could just goof around in it and have fun, but it's frickin suicide if you intend to do any serious driving, and not just 1/4 mile at a time.

    There is such a thing as TOO much torque for the application (yeah I know, I just blasphemed) unless you can spend the money required to get it to hook up and subsequently have the other parts hold up to it.

    I say do what you wanna do. Whatever tickles your pickle. There's pros and cons to each.

    The 350 setup would handle better, get better mileage and is my idea of the ideal setup. 455 is too clumsy for my purposes.

    Blah blah blah I prattle too much when my meds are kicked in :rolleyes:


    And tomorrow, I'll totally contradict myself again and decide to go with the 455. lol

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