Any help on this broadcast sheet under rear seat

Discussion in 'The "Paper Trail"' started by MilehighBuick, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. MilehighBuick

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    66 skylark, can do the normal ones if there is such a thing but havent seen this one before. VT paint Shell beige body and painted Saddle mist top. Thanks

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  2. Duane

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    That looks like a Fisher Body "Cheat Sheet" from a Fremont built car. They were used to put together the interiors for the cars.

    The Flint built cars use an entirely different sheet.

    The A,B,C,D, U, and M are the letter prefixes for the option codes that follow. For instance the ones In the "C" column would be C60, C87.
    C60 is I believe for Air Conditioning.

    The other codes, in the numbered boxes correspond with the option codes on the full GMAD style build sheet.

    The fact that this is a cut down version of the entire build sheet, and only shows the options that pertain to interior treatments, is why I call them "Cheat Sheets"

    I forget if the "serial" number corresponds with the body tag, or with the vin number, but either one or the other numbers should match up with the car. If they don't then the tag, and rear seat, were probably destined for another car.

    I have only seen a few of the Fremont sheets, and have some examples of ones I decoded, but did not find one.
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    Thanks Duane for the insight. Always neat to look into the history of old cars when you could have some say in what you wanted to pay for or how you wanted a car to be built.
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    No problem,
    If you do some digging you will come up with the codes.Also, check that number to make sure it is for your car. Otherwise the codes you will be deciphering will be for another car.

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