Anybody know if there is an exhaust kit for 1971 Skylark?

Discussion in 'Buick FAQ' started by GyTek, Nov 10, 2021.

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    Hello everyone!!! How are ya? Trying to figure out best exhaust for my new toy. Currently, stock single exhaust. I want 2.5" duel exhaust, but I want something easy, if there is such a thing. With an H pipe or X pipe crossover, u know.

    1. Does anybody know if headers fit on a stock 1971 buick skylark 350 without modifying? And if modifying, what would be needed? Or should I stick with the stock manifold? Someone stated I should just port my stock manifold. Thoughts?

    2. Is there a bolt on kit, or a kit thats easy so I can get a typical muffler shop to weld together? I dont know any good shops (yet) that I would trust to do the work unless someone knows anyone near me. Zip 33414

    I'm very handy with my tools, but I dont weld. I see kits available on the usual sites, any better then the others?
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    PM sent
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    Hey Steve,
    To your first question about whether anyone makes headers that fit without any problem. My son and I both have Hooker headers on our Skylark 350’s. They go on without any problems as far as interference from anything. The center bottom bolt on the driver side is a
    BEACH! Other than that they were great.
    PS, You can usually find them for sale on this forum used for $200 or less. I don’t know what they cost new
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