Anyone around Iowa looking for 67' Skylark parts?

Discussion in 'Junkyard Jewels' started by RJSimmons, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. RJSimmons

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    I stopped by the local salvage yard in Cedar rapids, Iowa and they had a 67' Skylark in the yard. I didn't see it but the guy said someone had done some restoration on it. I was part hunting for my 68' Riv, so I didn't feel the need to look over a 67' Skylark. I do like the sharing on this board and thought I could help someone else out with this info. If anyone needs the name and number of the salvage yard, to call and ask what parts they might have, let me know and I will post it.
  2. TurboV6

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    Worth looking into!
    Was it sun line on 6th by chance? They also have a 65 Pontiac there.
    Email me the name and I'll take a look Saturday
  3. RJSimmons

    RJSimmons Active Member

    The old K's Acres. It's now CC Recycling on 41st st SW.
  4. Thank you for sharing I have a 67 Skylark and currently looking for fender skirts and the hood chrome strip you can send the phone number to my phone number is 720-416-1347
  5. Brad Conley

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    Guys, this post is from 2013. You would be better off starting a new thread in the proper forum.
  6. mrolds69

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    I think GSfred has a set of skirts. He had some listed before.

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