Apollo rear glass and bumper filler questions

Discussion in 'The "X" bodies' started by aayers, May 21, 2021.

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    I'm working on restoring a 74 Apollo. I am trying to see if the rear glass is available for this car. It's a 4 Dr. Is a rear glass for a 2dr interchangeable with a 4dr? Or would a nova rear glass fit an apollo? Another thing I'm trying to find is the rear bumper fillers but only coming up with ones for a nova. Anyone know if that'll fit?
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    Not really sure, front clips on all the different GM X-bodies are different. I think on the 75-79s everything is interchangeable except front end pieces but you can put a Nova front clip on a Skylark. In 75 the Apollo became the Skylark. I have a 76 Skylark with a lot of 74 Nova interior pieces and rear bumper. I removed the "shocks" from the inside of my bumpers and pulled them in tight like the 72 Nova's.
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    Oh no sht I hadn't really looked at it that much I didn't think that was all it'd take to bring the bumpers in tight. Thanks that's good to know
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    If I remember right there is a plate with the 4 bolts on it that mount the bumper to the shock or something like that. I welded that plate to my bumper then bolted it to the frame.
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    Ok so I got a chance to look at it better today and what you are saying for sure makes sense. How does it look left to right it seems like there would be a gap on the sides once it got sucked in.
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    here's one bestbumpertuck.JPG
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    Rear glass is not interchangeable with 2 dr. Hollander #3109 for the four door rear glass. '73-'74 BOPC X four door all cross over. They show chevy interchange going back to '68 Nova, but I would double check that. I would really doubt any of the glass suppliers produce glass for a fifty year old four door. DVAP, CTC, Sundell, etc should have four doors for parts. Had access to a '74 Apollo coupe a few years back, but only purchased parts that fit a two door model. If you need / wanted a trunk lid, or front fender venti ports with no pits, I have those. And a driver quality grille center - but no pits on it either.

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