BBB 455 or SBB 350 for easiest application of fi?

Discussion in 'High Tech for Old Iron' started by 81gbodyboy, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. 81gbodyboy

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    i have been looking for a non LS or Cheby in general engine to fix the underhood of my B-Body Roadmaster as they were bastard children from the factory. i tinkered with the idea of a LM7 but it quickly died. I now am on a 'what if' mission to see what could have happened if gm didnt kill the performance section of Buick in the early 80s. looked into 70 455 with 454 motorhome tbi (well the RMS IS about the same size :pp), or possibly having a buddy of mine weld me up one of those fancy sheetmetal intakes for it. the other thought was 350, of the same vintage, same thoughts. either way if its tbi it would be with upgraded injectors of course to match up with other mods. on another not i was considering having another buddy (i know i have ALOT of friends) help my design TPI or DI intake for either of those. so which do you gurus out there think would be easiest.
    BTW im only 19, with 2, and 2 buicks, jobs so yea, im an addict with imagination and drive! :cool:
  2. TheSilverBuick

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    It'll be pretty much the same amount of work to EFI either a small block or big block Buick, with the exception that if you go for big HP on the 455 you may run into the need to upgrade the car's fuel lines, or if you turbo the 350 you'll run into the same problem making it a push.

    The TBI has minor benefit over a carb, but should require less maintenance and have an easier time adjusting fuel requirements, etc. You'll likely be capped around 95 lb/hr injectors on the TBI which can limit desired horsepower. 2 x 95 = 190 lb/hr of fuel, versus essentially the sky on multiport. Common 32lb/hr x 8 = 256 lb/hr, etc.

    If you are talking about a 90's Roadmaster, you'll likely have your work cut out for you with either engine install.
  3. pmuller9

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    How much power are you looking for?
  4. 72skylarkUtah

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    The buick in that car might be a tough swap.

    What year roadmaster? If it is a 94-96, you are in a good place with the LT1. My 95 caprice wagon launches really nice with built tranny and the eaton and 4.10s.

    If not you can drop a TBI 350 (I would find and good used motor) since you probably have the 305. That would be a straight forward swap.
    Don't expect to break speed records with this motor but it would be an upgrade.
  5. nekkidhillbilly

    nekkidhillbilly escaped mental patient

    wouldnt be the hardest swap. just need a set of 80s buick v6 motor mounts and a bop to c adapter for the trans to get the sbb engine in there. as for fi its going to be custom set up. idk if you can make the oem 305 tbi work with a buick 350 with mods if you could it would be simple as hell. for the money you could swap in a 383 stroker for alot less. but i like the all buick set up. looks like you could use a stock 350 chevy tbi on a 2bb 350 buick and use a v6 computer controlled dist to work with the stock tbi.
  6. sean Buick 76

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    I would consider a 5.3 or 6.0 LS engine for that car instead of a Buick engine.... Less weight, better design, MPFI etc.
  7. supremeefi

    supremeefi supremeefi

    Really, over an LT1? I'm not so sure about that.

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