BCA show Wallingford,Ct Aug 12th,2012

Discussion in 'BCA Events' started by SHERWOODSTAGE1, Jul 21, 2012.


    SHERWOODSTAGE1 Well-Known Member

    Suprised its not posted yet on this show for guys on the East Coast.The flyer was dropped in my car at a cruise night,August 12th,Wallingford Buick,Wallingford,Ct. 9am -3pm
    Anyone from here maybe going????
  2. buford owner

    buford owner Well-Known Member

    will be the firsr chapter i've missed since i joined in 06 due to a class dinner in pa hope the rest of the yankee chapter members have good weather and hope for a good turnout,buford owner from ct
  3. gsjohnny1

    gsjohnny1 Well-Known Member

    we will be there with 2 cars
  4. jaystoy

    jaystoy Well-Known Member

    First I've heard of this show. I think I will take the Skylark up

    SHERWOODSTAGE1 Well-Known Member

    Hopefully the weather holds out for Sunday,there are 4 of us going,my friends 70 GS 455 Sherwood green,my uncles survivor 70 Buick Lesabre,my other friends StageII 8 second 86 T-type,and I'll be bringing the Regal.See you guys there.

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