Berryman Chem Dip (cleaning my 2 jet)

Discussion in 'Other' started by we287gn, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. we287gn

    we287gn Well-Known Member

    I just tried dipping the carb parts this weekend..When I opened the can I was a little suprised...I was expecting to see and smell something like a can of spray carb cleaner..
    Instead I found a darker thicker substance..Does this sound right or did I get a bad can of cleaner?
    I tried it anyway, not sure how great its working..Cleaned the parts somewhat, But I am not blown away...
    Was I expecting too much?
    The last peice I have in there now I gave an initial scrub with a brush as I dipped it in , see if that makes any change..

  2. tlivingd


    Yea that stuff I think IS toxic waste sold in a paint can. If you let it sit un moved for a week or more it will settle out and have a yellowish color.
    if you soak for awhile then rinse off with spray carb cleaner it works pretty decently.
    I've had just as good a luck using gumout carb cleaner (spray)

    good luck!
  3. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    It is a completely different product than the spray. I will soak, rinse with water, and use the berryman spray to finish off. Then blow out with an air compressor.
  4. we287gn

    we287gn Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input guys...I will have to give that a shot...
  5. Electrajim

    Electrajim Just another Jim

    FWIW, that stuff isn't as good as it used to be.
    The old stuff..(circa 1985) smelled like my machine shop, and will melt the hair off your hands.

    My guess is that they had to make it more "eco-friendly"

    Good luck,
  6. william.ali.kay

    william.ali.kay Needs more cowbell!

    Take a few before and afters for us.:TU:
  7. we287gn

    we287gn Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately I have already dipped the peices...But maybe I will snap a couple anyway to show what they look like with just the dip..All I have done so far was rinse the parts and blow them out.
    The throttle body had to get a little wd-40, it was rusting to fast after the dip.
  8. we287gn

    we287gn Well-Known Member

    So far not so good..Function wise, I think for the most part its clean...Dont like the way the water is effecting the metal...Might have to start all over again and use the spray stuff...

    The throttle body worked out ok...The bottom bowl section cleaned up ok.
    But the top(cover) I am not to pleased with..You can see all the leftover crud and what I think has turned white from the water..
    There was still a film left on it you can see where I wiped with my finger in the underside..Maybe needed brush action the dip alone didnt work so good...

    And pardon my pictures, and the color, but the pic of the dip at least shows how dark the stuff was compared to the inside of the silver can...

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  9. skierkaj

    skierkaj Day 2 Street Screamer

    The best stuff I've used actually came from Yamaha. We use it at work to clean carbs for outboard engines. I haven't actually done it, but I'm almost positive you could just drop the whole carb in, take it out 24 hours later, and there wouldn't be any gaskets left in it. Eats anything and everything.

    Don't remember what the stuff is called, but It comes in a quart bottle and you mix it with 2 quarts of water. Makes everything you soak it in look brand new without any scrubbing. Next time I rebuilt one of my carbs, I'm using that stuff.
  10. cjb40

    cjb40 New Member

    Wow! Now that you've left us up the creek with no paddle, it sure would be very helpful, at least to me, to find out the name of this cleaner. How about it. Thanks.
  11. DaWildcat

    DaWildcat Platinum Level Contributor

    John, is this the stuff you use?

    It's also a newer version of an older product. Some are saying the old stuff worked better. I sure do miss the original Gunk brand Hydroseal cleaner.

  12. cjb40

    cjb40 New Member

    What you may have there is a by product of white corrosion that is actually zinc oxide. You have to get that completely removed. I find the best way is a glass bead blast used just long enough to remove the white corrosion. If this is something you can do, first mask all open ports to keep the beads out. Then to make sure it doesn't re-occur, have the carb recolored with a dichromate coloring. The dichromate acts as a barrier for the zinc and protects the surface. BTW, the zinc oxide is caused by moisture. Good luck!
  13. skierkaj

    skierkaj Day 2 Street Screamer

    That is the stuff. Ours however was in the old black bottle- not sure if the new stuff is still as good. I'd say it's worth a shot. If it works as well as the old stuff, you won't be disappointed!

    It's pretty expensive stuff. If I remember correctly, somewhere around $40 a quart!
  14. we287gn

    we287gn Well-Known Member

    gave everything a second soak, then I did the same except I gave a shot of wd -40 to everything after and dabbed it somewhat dry..

    The top of the airhorn is clean but not shiny metal clean..the body came out better..Internally everything is clean..Guess its all the years of weather and condensation at work...I am not ready to buff it out ..Its clean and functional ...

    In the future I will do the same since I have the dip around..Use that to give things a deep and lengthy soak...Then finish off with a spray...

    trying it on a water beat merc version of a rochester 2 jet now, see what happens..
    Thanks to everyone
  15. we287gn

    we287gn Well-Known Member

    I completely missed these posts..Some reason the notification didnt go through...I hope its good enough..The inside surfaces did come really clean..
    The rest of the white stuff was kind of left over on the exterior of the air horn,more so over the float area...
    I went ahead and put the carb together hopefully it will be OK..

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