Best police encounter??

Discussion in 'Kill Stories (Where Hemis Never Win)' started by no car, Dec 9, 2004.

  1. no car

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    I was having so much fun reading the thread on "have you ever raced a cop" that I thought it may be fun to have a thread about your strangest run-in with the law!

  2. HADA-X

    HADA-X Mike Schooley

    i have one for you. it was right after i finished building my 69 conv. lark with A 455 (1990)
    me and my friends went looking for some races.(on state sreet) after a couple wins i saw a 87 gn so i asked if he wanted to race old agenst new after i won he pulled in behind me and hit the red and blues in the grill. i thought i was going to jail!! :3gears:
    it turned he has a under cover cop.
    he told me that you are lucky i don't take you to jail! then said that is a fast car, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE UP HEAR AGIAN!! :mad: THEN TOLD ME TO GO HOME. I DID :shock:
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  3. jpoole

    jpoole Stage 1

    When I was younger, 17, we were hanging out in a parking lot when the cops pulled through and got out and started messing with everyone. Cop saw a beer can on the ground and called me over there asking if it was my beer and such. I said no sir, that is not my beer. I had stashed it somewhere else. Anyway, he told me to pick it up and I did. Then he asked me how old I was and I told him 17, then he started raising cane with me on being under age and haveing a beer in my hand. Told me he was going to write me a ticket for minor in possession.

    That was 22 years ago, funny now.
  4. hemikillerstg1

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    back in '98 My Buddy and I were going to the fairgrounds for a car show In April. We took my Porsche 944 and were doing about 120. I looked up and saw a state trooper heading towards me on the other side of the Freeway. I saw his Cherries come on and he headed down into the median to turn around. It must have been really muddy and wet because he got stuck and I floored it to the next exit. Cruised to my parents house and put the car in the garage. I took my Dad's truck and went to the show. I really thought I was going to go to Jail that day. Six months earlier I had been stopped by a Coon Rapids cop for doing 95 in a 55 in that car. He let me off with a 74 in 55 so I didn't lose my license and have to go to court. He was very nice about it and told me to Cut that crap out. It was 3:00am and no one was on the road. I've been lucky more times than I can count.
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  5. galaxie69

    galaxie69 Young Guy - Old School

    This was Funny

    When I graduated college, my wife and I went to an celebration at a bar near the college. I didn't drink as I was really tired and much needed to go home but my wife insisted on staying a few more hours. On the way home (about 40 miles), my wife fell asleep and I was starting to really get tired. I cranked the radio all the way up, turned on the AC and rolled the windows down and continually slapped myself trying to stay awake. I was on the Interstate and on the home stretch when I damn near nodded off. I thought "I better get home before I kill myself or worse, someone else. " So I ran the little Saturn up to reduce the amount of time I would be on the road. As I was pulling into my exit I barely noticed a set of blue and red flashing lights behind me - well, I suddenly woke up real quick. I was asked to exit the vehicle (blah blah blah)and then the fast talk began. It went something like this:

    Cop: Sir, Do you know how long I have been chasing you?

    Me: No, sir.

    Cop: I caught you doing 95 on I-10 and followed you the while way here. Why didn't you stop?

    (I was already on I-12; I-10 was many miles ago. I was so tired I didn't even notice I was being tailed, flashing lights and all)

    Me: I was falling asleep at the wheel and almost home and thought it would be best if I got off the road as soon as possible.

    I also explained I had just moved here, graduated, etc. He checked out my credentials and let me off with a warning. The reason I beleive he let me go was due to a big-time police tax on the ballot a few months away. It didn't pass but I sure got one, yuk yuk.

    My wife no longer argues when I say "It's time to go and I mean now>"
  6. SmittyDawg

    SmittyDawg Need another garage....

    Well, my wife is a cop, so I won't go into my "best police encounter"! :eek2: :laugh:
  7. Speedfreaks101

    Speedfreaks101 Well-Known Member

    Me and a buddy went to Tyler Texas the night of Thanksgiving in my 1993 Trans Am just after I had installed my new clutch. The man that built the clutch (Charlie Lucas) told me to give it 1000 miles of break in before I started beating on it. So 350 miles later I am doing what anyone would do, racing anyone that was willing. The night rocked on and my score was 5-0 and it's now 3:00 AM and I am feeling pretty cocky. We noticed a set of head lights coming up behind us on the now all but deserted streets. It was tough sounding Mustang LX vert (about a 89-90). He pulls up to me at the stop light and starts revving.I did not think I could win but I knew that if I backed down then it would feel just as bad as loosing so we left on the greet light. I got him out of the hole and he could not make up the difference. So now he pulls up and he's pissed. Well one more time but this time he gets me out of the hole so we are 1-1 and we need a tie breaker.

    Now the final race. It was close (for a while), both of us spun and were neck and neck but neither of us were willing to give up so we ran for about 2 miles. My car had more top end so I was able to start putting distance on him busting every red light all the way to the court house. We pull in to the court house parking lot and I am jumping around like an idiot (still full of adreniline) when the red lights came around the corner. My feathers fell!! I emptied my pockets in the drivers seat as the cop was pulling in and told my buddy that I was going to jail and tell my parents where I am. The cop gets out and walks up to where me and the guy I raced are now standing at the back of my car and looks at me and says "nice car" and the looks at the guy I raced and says "you know you lost don't you?" I was in disbeleif. Then the officer asks all the pertinent questions like have you been drinking and I said no I don't he looked at the cooler that was so large that the flap for the hatch had to lay forward. He then looked at me and smiled. I thought I was sunk. Then the officer asked me and the other racer for our DL and insurance and then went back to his car.

    The officer comes back and gives us both sitations for "exibition of excelleration" and "contest of speed". Then he started asking us about our cars. He asked me "why did you think you could win" and I (now feeling cocky again since I know am not going to jail) replied "because I am driving a Genral Motors product". Then I asked where he saw us and he told us where he was, which was about two blocks before the court house so we were doing around 140 when he saw us!

    In the mean time there are two more squad cars (total of 5 cops counting our officer) pulling in to the parking lot. He tells us that we are free to go and "thank for a good race".

    I ask the other racer to see under his hood and he says no that they will give us a lotiering ticket. So I ,being a genius, hollar to the cop (that is now descibing the race to the other officers) and ask him if we can look under each others hoods and he says he is done with us and we can do what we want. So we compare then leave head on home.

    I tell this story to people and then when they look at me with disbeleif I offer them my cell phone and will let them call my buddy so he can verify.

    One hell of a night and one of my nine lives!!!

    BTW I had to replace the clutch again about two months later.

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  8. 70 gsconvt

    70 gsconvt Silver Level contributor

    I used to own a Maserati Ghibli. Awsome car, just a ton of $$$$ to maintain.

    Anyway, my plates were COP TEZR. One time I was sitting at a light and not paying attention to who was behind me. I pulled away "briskly", but no tire squealing. The next thing I know I see the lights behind me. As I'm slowing down he shuts them off and then pulls up beside me and says "Nice plates". He then drove off.

    Phew. That was a close one.
  9. Bald Menace

    Bald Menace unauthorized user

    I had just got my 69 stage 1 put back together after doing an engine rebuild. We went out to the local cruising spot and pulled into a Bob's Big boy. some joker yelled that the old red buick couldnt get out of it's own way. i stopped right in front of his car and started power braking and smokin the tires. i did this long enough that you couldnt see hardly any of the parking lot and nothing in back of me. after a few seconds i feel a tap on my shoulder and look up to see who it was, all the while still smokin the tires. it's a motorcycle cop. he had ridden up behind me and then when i started smokin the tires he got off his bike and walked thru the smoke and up to my drivers door. that little episode cost me 127.00 and a big jump in my insurance rates and that was way back in 1988.
  10. The Old Guy

    The Old Guy Joe Taubitz

    In 1953 ,I was taking my girl friend back to Detroit in a 37 Buick special. We were on Telegraph rd south of Pontiac and I was running about 70. (This was when the speed limit in Michigan was: reasonable and proper ) The State police drove F##DS with a lucite sign in the middle of the hood that said" stop State Police" We were cruising and all of a sudden that sign lit up next to us. I locked the brakes, and the cop had to back up to get in behind me. Back in that era, you got out of your car and walked back and met the cop half way. When the cop got out and put on his hat ,he was laughing like crazy. I asked him what the problem was, and he said" Man, when you see a sign that says "STOP" you sure do don't you" I told him I didn't know what he wanted , but I thought I'd better get off the road as quick as possible.He said" the reason I stopped you is you have a burned out tail light, and the way you are running, you had better put a whole string of them across the back of this car" .He then jumped in his F##d and left
    :beer :beer :beer
  11. Truzi

    Truzi Perpetual Student

    Hmm, I don't really have any really good stories. Once, though, during my freshman year at the University of Toledo, it was actually snowing - they don't get much snow in Toledo.

    It only stuck on the parking garage, so I drove to the top with my date and started doing donuts; at night, with the headlights on. Well, a campus officer cam up, and as he was checking my license, 4 more drove up. No ticket. As he left he told me the other cruisers were there for something else, not for me. But I figured they just wanted to see the idiot who was doing donuts on the parking garage.

    Otherwise, my best police encounters have been on the turnpike when my Buick broke down - a few times.

    One time a belt broke, an office stopped to check, and drove me to the rest area. He said I'd have to make my own way back to the car. I had forgotten my tape measure, and the service plaza employees only knew how to run gas pumps - so I faked measuring with a wiper blade to get the right belt.

    When I returned, the officer was still there. He said he was off in 10 minutes so what the hell - he drove me back to my car.
  12. Duane

    Duane Member

    I've got a good one.
    When I was 16, I was on a first date with a beautiful blonde named Carol, that had just moved next door. Anyway, I was driving my 67 Mustang convertible in Wildwood NJ and was not paying attention to how fast I was driving. All of a sudden I see flashing lights behind me, so I slammed on the brakes and pulled over. I stopped so fast he almost hit me.
    So up walks the cop and he asks if I knew how fast I was going. I replied that I had no idea because all I was doing was looking at her. He bends down, looks across at Carol, who gives him a big smile. The guy looks back at me and says, "Son I know what you mean, just slow down a little." Then he gets back in the car and leaves.

    PS. To give a time frame on this, we were going to the movies to the opening night of Star Wars.
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  13. buickx

    buickx Well-Known Member

    Back in 1964, I had a 57 f###d which I had put a 1958 410 cu in edsel engine in it. No one could touch me on the street. Any way I pulled up to a red light in the slow lane, which had a another entrance to the road on the right of me. A car pulled up next to me on the right, the light changed, I floored it and next thing is the car that was on my right, is behind me, has red lights in the grille...un marked car.. pull over.. asked for my license... walks to the front of the car.. looks at it.. walks back toward me. while handing my license back to me saying "I like to drag race to, have a nice day". :TU: :TU: :TU:
  14. Those UT cops can be kinda funny. They'd bust up our parties but never once did they say anything when I did a doughnut WITH A UT BUS back in early 2002!
  15. 67buickva

    67buickva Evil Kitty


    So what you are telling us is that if you participate in a neighbor clean up effort and pick up a discarded beer can, put it into a garage can be arrested??? :puzzled: Even if it's empty??? :Do No:
  16. beatlebuick

    beatlebuick beatlebuick

    My Police Story

    Ash Wednsday 1999 I was hurrying to get home :3gears: after church and going about 90mph down the 190 when this car pulls behind me right on my bumper. After tapping the brakes a few times I changed lanes. He followed me. Tapping my brakes a few more time the lights went on. :jd: Walking up to the car the officer shined the flashlight into the car pausing at my face for a while. He took my insurance card and license back to the cruizer. I started thinking impound.When he handed me my paperwork back , without a ticket, :beer he said he noticed the ashes on my forehead and decided then not to give me a ticket right then. He started walking away, stopped, turned back and said, :Smarty: " If I ever spot you doing that speed again, I'll haul you in."
    I always keep ashes in the ash tray now - lol. A week later my daughter tells me some friends are visiting and one of them is a NY state trooper. He starts telling this story about this big old classic car he pulled over. :shock: My daughter interupts him telling him she's heard this story from her father. :Dou:
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  17. CJay

    CJay Supercar owner Staff Member

    One of my good friends is a highway cop in Brooklyn. He calls me up one night and says he needs a ride to work. He works the midnight shift. So I hop in the Riv and drive him in. When we get to the precinct, he tells me to wait across the street. He wants to race me with his new 350 powered Caprice police car. He's been spewing on about how fast the 350 "Vette" motor is the whole way (yawn). Im always up for a good street race, so pull into the lot across the street. Ten minutes later, here comes my friend and his partner in a new NYC police car. We go out onto Flatbush Ave and line up at the light. I look over to him and he's waving bye bye to me like he's going to walk away from the Riv or something. Yeah, fat chance. Hes going to get a fight! The light turns green and I floor it hard! The front bumper of the police car is right at my door and staying there!. He cant pull me down! We fly over the Belt Parkway. By the time I let off ,the needle was at 100 and the speed alert was buzzing away. Took the Caprice by half a car! First and last time I ever actually raced a cop on a public road! On another occasion, my friend gave me a police escort over the Verrazano bridge! Lights and all! Very cool!

    (Names have been withheld for obvious reasons!)
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  18. Truzi

    Truzi Perpetual Student

    The cops there were pretty cool. A couple would burst into a specific friends' party (in Nash) and shout "This is a bust." Usualy it scared the crap out of most of the guests - but they were just dropping in to say hi, and having some fun with it. They'd stay and chat a while. Never accepted a beer though.

    Donut with a bus, huh? We used to ride the buses just for fun - the drivers were always a bit insane... in a good sort of way.
  19. wildriv430

    wildriv430 low budget gearhead

    2 summers ago when i was 16, i was cruising through my small hometown on mainstreet, in the late 69 wildcat. It was around midnight and the street was deserted.

    I always wanted to do a huge burnout on the square but never had the guts to. so now with no one around i thought it was my chance. I lit them up and after about a 5 second power brake i let off the brakes for a smoky rolling burnout, which lasted about a half a block. :Brow:

    Then the next thing I know there are flashing lights in my rearview mirror. :ball: my heart jumped, i never had a ticket before that so i was a little scared. When i stopped the cop pulled up beside me and rolled down his window and proceeded to warn me that if i couldnt "do a burnout for over a block, not to bother" and next time he would give me a ticket if i didn't. :TU:

    We need more police like that!! Unfortuneately he passed away a couple of months ago.....The replacement cop isn't near as understanding.
  20. wildriv430

    wildriv430 low budget gearhead

    Heres another true cop story......This was 4 years ago when i was 14. Me and my cousin, also 14, had ordered pizza for lunch. When we asked his dad to take us to get it at the next town over, 6 miles away, he tossed my cousin the keys to his white 65 Chevy II.

    We were driving all careful like so as not to get busted with learners permits and were on our way back with the pizza. We passed a cop hauling *ss in the opposite direction on the highway, when he passed us he slammed on the brakes, whipped around and pulled us over.

    Now comes the interesting part. He got out, drew his gun, crouched behind his door and told us over the pa to get out with our hands up. We were scared s*itless and totally confused. We hadn't done anything wrong except driving without licenses. We did what he said, and got out with hands up.

    Just about then a second cop showed up, got out with gun drawn. He looked at us there with our hands in the air and then at the car. Then he lowered his gun and went over and had a word with the first cop. After they conversed for 30 seconds or so he told us we could put our hands down.

    We were totally and utterly confused at this point. We asked the second cop what was going on. He proceeded to tell us that a few hours ago there was a high speed chase with another white chevy II, and apparently he had lost the cops. Apperently the first cop thought we were the same people. It wasnt until the second cop looked at the plates and realized we wernt the people they were looking for, just a nearly identical car. They both apologized and left us on our way. They never even asked us for a license, thankfully.

    When we got back to the house my uncle complained that the pizza was cold and that we should have hurried faster. We never did tell him what happened.
    Talk about a story to tell the grandkids......................

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