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Discussion in 'High Tech for Old Iron' started by sailbrd, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. sailbrd

    sailbrd Well-Known Member

    I think we should start a thread on all of the Boosted Buicks. There are not a lot of us yet but we are seeing more all the time. A central location with what we have done could be helpful to all.

    Listed so far
    turbo 455-2
    supercharged 455-7 (2 race only, the others street driven)
    turbo 350-2
    671 nitro blown nailhead! -1 so way cool I can't stand it.
    supercharged 370-1
    supercharged 340 -1
    supercharged 215-1
    turbo 401-1 single turbo rear mount
    Added a table in word to keep track. Let me know what changes are needed.

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  2. sailbrd

    sailbrd Well-Known Member

    Dougs BBB procharged Skylark

    Guess I should be first since I started the thread.

    70 Skylark
    455 forged pistons, Cometic gaskets with ARP studs
    9.5:1 compression
    TA 413 Cam
    SP-1 intake, ported stage 1 irons
    QuickFuel 650 BAN
    Postons girdled oil pan

    Procharger D-1 home made brackets
    6 inch crank pulley 4 inch blower pulley 5PSI@5000 rpm

    SX fuel pump -8AN feed -10 AN return RobbMC regulator

    32 degrees total timing with -1.5 degrees per pound of boost.

    I do not think the TA 413 is the best cam for blower. Will be working on that. What else do we want to know?
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  3. alan

    alan High-tech Dinosaur

    '73 Estate Wagon, for now
    3.50 rear gear
    TH400 with GV overdrive

    455, .030 over
    Stock type forged replacement pistons
    Copper head gaskets with O-rings
    8 to 1 compression
    Thermal barrier coating on piston tops, exhaust valve faces
    Dry film coating on piston skirts, pins, and valve stems
    Coated main and rod bearings
    Stock rods
    Main Girdle with studs
    Head studs
    Lunati cam, 110 lobe centerline, .500 lift
    Cast iron heads with stage 1 valves
    Offy 2x4 intake

    F.A.S.T. fuel injection
    50 lbs per hour injectors
    (2) bosch fuel pumps

    (2) TO4-B turbos with TO4-E compressors
    .81 A/R exhaust housings
    (2) turbonetics Racegates

    Set at 9 psi for now
    No intercooler

    Just changed to a belt driven oil pump
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  4. Michael Evans

    Michael Evans a new project

    455 0.038 over bore (464 ci)
    wisco flat top forged pistons
    9.2 to one compression
    all new arp fasteners
    aluminum first generation Bulldog heads
    roller rockers
    TA 310 cam
    coated 2 inch primary headers
    comp 9000 Mallary distrubitor
    Mallary six Hy-fire box
    eight-rib drive belt
    D1-sc procharger
    4.38-inch pulley
    seven and 1/4 drive pulley (I think)
    Blown through a Quick Fuel 750
    eight-rib belt
    ten pounds boost at 6000
    non-adjustable type BOV valve that I am having to take apart to set (don't recomend this type)
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  5. Turbo455

    Turbo455 James

    74 Skymaro
    4200 pounds mostly because I have too many amps(3 total 7000watts) and speakers(1-15" 4-12" 4-10" 4-5" 2-horns)
    Stock suspention
    3.73 Gear in stock 10 bolt 8.5"
    10.5x30" Tire
    TH-400 3000 stall switch pitch with Timer set at 1.8 seconds no trans brake....Yet Stage 2 shift kit with govenor set to shift in drive ant 4900 RPM's
    455(462 .30 over)
    All oil mods including drilling the block
    fully balanced rotating assembly
    stock rods
    Forged 10:1 pistons but high deck and thick head gaskets measures out to 8.4:1 compression.
    no girdles
    heads are stock with stage one valves enshrouded and very little bowl work I wasn't comfortable with the grinder. Stage one double valve springs. Stock rocker shafts
    Cam is a Crower Turbo Grind. Lift =.482 intake/.471 exhaust Duration @.050 Intake=222* Exhaust=218* LSA of 114*
    B4B intake
    2" spacer
    650 Quickfuel super charger carb
    Timing is stock style Accel performance module. No vacuum advance. Initial timing is 10* and total is 48* all in at 4500RPM
    Devils Own Meth progressive injection system starts at 4psi and is all in at 11psi

    Best run so far is 11.64@119.92 MPH on 9psi
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  6. Justa350

    Justa350 I'm BACK!

    1971 Skylark (with 1970 front and rear parts)

    Stock bore 350, stock cast bottom end. No aftermarket studs or anything.
    Poston 114 cam.
    "cleaned up" heads with stock valves & 3 angle.
    Burton Machine roller rocker conversion
    X-Factor fabricated intake.
    Tri-Y headers.
    50mm Hybrid twin turbos. Intercooler. Dual BOV's.
    Aeromotive A1000 pump. Mallory 4309 regulator. 1/2" feed/return.
    Edelbrock 650 carb, 1/2" 4 hole spacer.
    3" Full mandrel true dual exhaust, no mufflers. 4" turndowns (to scare the imports)

    3800rpm 9" converter in TH350. Alto Reds, Kolene Steels, Kevlar, hardened this and that blah blah blah. Stage 2 shift kit.
    10 Bolt rear with Richmond 4.56 gears on a Powertrax Locker.
    32x17.5 Mickey Thompson ET street tires.

    Have hit 10psi on 87 octane just to see if it could do it without blowing up. Currently running 8psi on better gas for more timing. 25* locked with vacuum advance. Hoping to try 12psi before the real cold weather hits.
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  7. jake csordas

    jake csordas Well-Known Member

    1971 skylark 25.5 stock suspension double frame rail chassis
    notched rear frame for 315 60 15 drag radial.
    464 block with stock crank.
    custom cam by scott brown
    r and r aluminum rods
    halo girdle by rob giroux
    wiseco pistons with compression about 9 to 1
    old stage 3 heads justed cleaned up no major porting.
    heads set up by gessler
    1.7 roller rockers
    out of the box ta intake manifold
    2 1/8 ta headers
    custom blow thru 750 carb from quick fuel
    F1R procharger with custom brackets
    ebay special honda intercooler and then modified to accept 3.5 inch piping
    custom turbo 400 by mark deconti with a governor and no manual brake.
    car shifts at 6000 rpm
    custom converter from ultimate converters
    8.5 inch 10 bolt rear with all the good stuff
    full 4 inch collectors and 2 sets of mufflers with an h pipe to quiet it up
    car weighed in at 3980
    best pass at 10 pounds of boost 9.12 at 150
    best 60 ft 1.40
    car has been numerous mid 9 second passes on 6 pounds of boost
    i am sure i am forgetting something else

    john jr
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  8. sailbrd

    sailbrd Well-Known Member

    Mid 9's on 6PSI! :3gears: I think I really want a Scott Brown cam.
  9. td99

    td99 Well-Known Member

    john how fast do you think it'd go with say 15lbs?

  10. sailbrd

    sailbrd Well-Known Member

    running over the crank is never fast!

    JESUPERCAT No Slow Boat

    Our new engine:
    1965 401 block bored .017 over
    Block filled 1/4" from the top with epoxy
    Stock crank balanced
    Stock rods reconditioned
    Forged JE pistons 7.8 - 1
    Schneider Fuel cam
    Well prepped heads loaded with Chevy parts:rolleyes:
    Don Hampton custom aluminum intake- SFI
    All 671 supercharger parts from Hamptons
    Old style Hilborn 4 port Injector with 8 - 62A nozzles
    Hilborn scoop
    Fuel pump Hilborn 175-2
    Mallory Super Mag 4 with external transformer
    Fuel 50%-90% Nitro
    Car 1422lbs with me in it:laugh:

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  12. Bobb Makley

    Bobb Makley Well-Known Member

    ok I will do these one at a time.

    first one
    535 cu. 8.00 to 1 compression
    mopar crank custom fit
    r&r aluminum rods
    wiscoe custom pistons
    stage three heads done by FLM
    sp2 intake
    cam is a FLM custom blower cam flat tappet from compition components
    ta front cover
    rollmaster timing chain
    quick fuel e-85 carb 850cfm
    f1-r pro-charger

    we have run this combo on 93 octane as well as the e-85. the e-85 combo is still being snuck up on since we never dynoed with it on the motor.
    this combo is in a tube chassis regal with the drive on board and half a fuel tank worth of fuel it scaled 2650lbs.
    we have run 8.24 @ 164 on 93 octane with 12lbs of boost and so far we have run 8.30 @ 163 with a really safe and soft tune up in it we had hoped to turn it up in Osceola but broke the tranny when we started turning up the power. We should be ready to let it rip in BG
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  13. Bobb Makley

    Bobb Makley Well-Known Member

    Ok number two.

    this is a 464 cu. stock block 8.5 to 1
    stock crank widen for Chevy rods
    R&R aluminum rods
    wiscoe pro tru dished pistons
    custom blower FLM solid flat tappet cam from compition components
    Pro_-form front cover
    rollmaster timing
    oiling lifters
    stage 4 heads with very little work done to them
    Indy mopar intake
    csu gas carb 850cfm
    custom air to air intercooler
    scavenger oiling system
    f-2 pro-charger with 16 lbs of boost

    the car is a stock suspension 25.5 certed 72 stage one car it weighs in at 3740LBS with the driver. This car has run 8.80 @154.50 still working on getting the sixty foots settled down. I run mt drag radials on this car I think with a little work we can maybe get some 8.70 out of it at BG. this short block has all the stuff done to it but is all used parts except the cam and lifters. Not real sure how long it will last but with out a good block I hate to spend very much building anything right now.

    post the small block combo later
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  14. Staged 1

    Staged 1 Buick 455 under pressure

    Count me too!

    '70 Skylark, 455 w/P1 procharger, T/A 413 cam, stage 1 heads. :beer

    Gets lots of attention, everyone expects a Chevy under the hood. ALL Buick:bla:

    Will have it at the GS nats if all goes well.
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  15. satch

    satch Well-Known Member

    can you guys describe what you did to adapt your supercharger? Like info on your brackets, oil feed line, crank pulley, relocated ps, etc. I am planning to go boosted eventually (just have to get other things in line first like the drive train) but I already have a Novi 2000 that I plan to use. I'd like to make some of these parts myself for fun.

    Ps..if this doesn't go here let me know and I'll start another thread.
  16. sailbrd

    sailbrd Well-Known Member

    I built my own. See links in my above post (just adding them.)
  17. sailbrd

    sailbrd Well-Known Member

    What else are you running with that? carb, amount of boost, etc

    How does yours work with the 413?
  18. Staged 1

    Staged 1 Buick 455 under pressure

    Doug, It is a holly 850 blow through from what I have been told. I bought the car with all the parts installed. Runs good. May be a bit too big of a carb from what I have read. Not 100% on the 413. Idles awesome(racecar like) and seems to run good on the street. Not sure about full boost yet. Have not truely run it hard yet. 4"pulley. Maybe 10lbs? Still learning:TU:
  19. Michael Evans

    Michael Evans a new project

    Me also,

    So far I have gotten:

    That thing have a gear drive ?
    alternator going out ?
    water pump going out ?
    air conditioner belt sliping ?

    Have had my hotel room reserved since Feburay.
  20. Michael Evans

    Michael Evans a new project


    What size is the drive pulley?

    What type and size of charger?

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