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    I am proud to announce that The Buick Club of America has secured insurance to host two Racing events per year. I would like to thank Alan Oldfield Brian H Clark Mike and Nancy Book as well as Brad Conley Kenneth Lisk for making this happen.Thank you to the BCA Directors for approving this. As this has been a work in progress for the past year details for future events are in the works...
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    Thanks to Sean + others who worked on this! Hmmm...2 events...how would that work? We love to watch Buicks race!
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  3. Jim Weise

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    That's great news Sean.

    What would be even better is if someone over there called up Richard, and secured the GSnats name, venue and weekend from him, I know he has been looking for someone to take it over.. that would be one event in the fall, the other could be a "floater" that is held in conjunction with wherever the BCA national event is that year. One of the issues with moving an event was always attendance.. Sure, everyone wants an event in Kansas, nobody wants to show up for it from the East Coast.. I think that with proper planning (stay away from the big expensive tracks) and with the built in audience (BCA Nat show attendees) to fill the stands (and pay an admission fee) you might actually be able to do a floater drag race.

    Congrats on your success, and I hope that it continues.

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    That's great news, thank you to all involved. I'm sure it was a lot of work! By the way, next year's BCA National is going to be in Denver, that's quite a way west.
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    That really is not a bad idea
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    Great news! Keep us informed Sean!

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