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Discussion in 'Buick Performance Group' started by gbsean, Oct 4, 2015.

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    The Buick Performance Group will not be taking over Buick Race Day at Summit Motor Sports Complex. From what I was told the track owners do not want to hold a Buick Event in 2016. I would like to thank Bill Wills and Roberta Vasilow for trying to make this happen in 2016. As I am still acting chairman until someone steps up I will tell you were have been in contact with various tracks in Ohio to put on another event in 2016. With Buick Race Day and Midwest Buick Challenge over it really only leaves 2 major Buick Events left...the GSCA Event and NE GS/GN Club event. The BPG is not going away and we are trying to get another event together in the Midwest... We will be contacting parties involved in the now defunct events to see if we can do a combined event to make everyone happy.. I will keep you all posted...
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    Wow, (yet another) curve ball. :( As usual, thanks so much for what you're doing Sean, next year, all your beers are on me (and a few dinners too!) Just spit balling here, but have you looked into a race track called Kilkare raceway in Xenia Ohio? It's a pretty decent facility and not far from the 70/75 interchange which makes it convenient to get to.
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    I mentioned this 13-14 years ago and will again. Why not have a BPG member gathering at the GS Nats? Organize a race or show class, have a host hotel, a meeting at the hotel, a cookout or several of many other ideas? The event is already going on, what better place to get your group together? Let them take all the risk, and have your deal at the GS Nats. Many BPG members will already be there. Call Richard or Ron, share your ideas and get Richards support. No doubt you would be welcome.

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