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    Buick Stock Appearing Race Class at the 2022 GSCA Nationals

    For a decade now the GS Nationals has featured a race class titled ‘Buick Stock Appearing’, BSA for short. In 2021 we had 19 cars ranging from 10.92 to 16.22. We had excellent sponsorship and a grand time! We’re excited to announce it will return for 2022!

    The class is designed to showcase Buick performance in trim that appears stock. The following rules are aimed at maintaining the spirit of the class: ‘Going Fast With Class!’


    Vehicle must be Buick bodied and originally available with a Buick built v8 (not corporate). You are allowed to run that car with an original or transplanted Buick v8. Underhood must be stock appearing and neat.

    Engine must appear to be stock for that car. If your year painted engines red, all parts of the engine must be painted red. Same goes for green and corporate blue. Air cleaner assembly needs to be a stock appearing enclosed unit for display. Smaller lid or flipped lid and 1/2” taller element allowed for qualifying and racing. 360* open and drop base air cleaner will be allowed for qualifying and racing to accommodate special situations. You must race in the same configuration as you qualify. Aftermarket heads are allowed (T/A Stage 1 specifically, ask about others) but must be painted correct color. Aftermarket intake (specifically Edelbrock B4B/Performer, Poston S divider on big blocks, ask about any others) is allowed but needs to be engine color. No single planes. All engines must run a factory appearing carburetor. All engines must run factory exhaust manifolds. Cam needs to be a streetable profile. Ignition may be upgraded but needs to appear stock. Plug wires should be factory color. Any boxes need to be hidden. No visible ‘cool cans’. No electric water pumps. Stock type fuel pump needs to be on engine. Electric fuel pump is ok but needs to be hidden.

    No gauges allowed outside car. Factory style alternator and belt system required. Wipers and motor must be retained. No electric fans. Radiator needs to be black. Transmission may be any type GM trans. Complete, reasonably quiet, muffled exhaust, up to 3” diameter is required. Exhaust must exit in stock location. Stock fuel tank required. No sumps or visible pumps.

    All wheels must appear factory. Fronts are limited to 5” or wider, rears are limited to 10” or narrower. Rear tires may be slicks, drag radials or street tires. Maximum tread width is 10”. Fronts need to be street tires or disguised as street tires (i.e. blackwall out, streetable width tread).

    Interiors must be complete including factory shifter. Aftermarket roll bars along with upgraded seat belts are allowed. Aftermarket gauges are allowed.

    Exterior of car must appear stock. No body alterations, no fiberglass parts other than factory options. No altered wheelwells. No lettering, no graphics. Paint must be within the ‘spirit’ of stock appearing. Car must present itself reasonably well inside and out. Suspension and rear end must be stock GM. Adjustable no hop bars are allowed. Sway bars are allowed but not required. Aftermarket springs, shocks and air bags are allowed. Brakes may be upgraded but must appear stock.

    All cars will be required to park together for display Friday during the show. No ‘Show’ ticket purchase is required for the BSA display. If you are showing in another class you’ll need to move to the BSA display area as soon as your judging is done. We’ll have a peer inspection, anonymous judging for First and Second Place and a drivers meeting before Time Trials and qualifying begin Friday afternoon. All cars will need pass the track’s tech inspection (usually at the fuel shed) prior to Friday’s display. All cars will make two qualifying runs between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Dial in will be your quickest qualifyer. Racing will be bracket configuration (like ‘The Price is Right’, whomever’s closest to his dial without going under or redlighting wins the round). Cars will be paired by ET dial in and run on a Pro bracket ladder. Qualifying and racing will be a Pro Tree.

    First place will win a spectacular Trophy Belt and payouts will be determined and announced closer to May.

    Any questions, suggestions or comments? Want to chip in as a named or anonymous sponsor?

    Contact Starc Traxler or Patrick Briggs.

    Starc Traxler


    ‘Starc Traxler’ on

    Patrick Briggs


    ‘pbr400’ on

    Here’s the deets for next year!

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  2. russ455

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    Count me in
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  3. wildcat4

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    I’ll be there!
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  4. philip roitman

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    I'm in. Looking forward to it!
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  5. pbr400

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    Oh, and I’m in.
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  6. Starc Traxler

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  7. Bryan&PhyllisW

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    See you all there
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  8. David Hemker

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    I plan on being there.
  9. pbr400

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    Good morning Buick enthusiasts! Here’s an update regarding Buick Stock Appearing for the ‘22 GS Nats.
    I recently PM’d a bunch of you asking ‘R-U-N ?! this year. If you didn’t get a PM, it either means Starc and I know you’re running or we don’t know your V8 handle. Anyway, please post up so we can get a rough roll call (looks like we’re headed to another great field of cars and a good pot thanks to our sponsors. Tell your stock appearing show car and driver owning friends to read and join, too!)
    Rules are at the start of the thread (and will be in the next GSXTRA).
    Any questions, post, PM or call!
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  10. UNDERDOG350

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    OK I'm in.
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  11. pbr400

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  12. Waterboy

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    Me too!
    Patrick, you said something about good pot?
  13. rkammer

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    I’m in if my new motor gets here, installed and sorted out beforehand. Should be here next week so it looks good I’ll be joining the party.
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  14. FJM568

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    I'm in. Any idea on car count so far?
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  15. rkammer

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    Motor's in, runs good. haven't made any full throttle blasts yet but, I'm definitely in. Be in BG early Wednesday morning, staying at the Drury Inn. Safe travels everyone.
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  16. pbr400

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    We have a dozen or so committed so far…
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  17. SS/GN

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    This is the best class I have seen. Truly stock looking Muscle cars. I remember when NHRA stockers looked stock..........not so much today! looking forward to meeting a few of you.
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  18. Briz

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    Dial in is fastest of Q1-Q2. Can we change dial in as track conditions change?
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  19. Starc Traxler

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    We never have in the past. Let’s all talk about it on Friday morning and get everyone’s input

    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    So that would make it a bracket class, not an index class, correct?

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