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    Thanx for your quick reply. I don't know what the drum to drum measurement is on a a 69. I would consider redoing the rear that I have but a prior owner bent the inside of the wheel well lips up. I don'know if it was because this rear is wider or they wanted to put bigger tires on it. I would hate to rebuild this rear only to find out it is the wrong one. Iwill look for a 68-70 rear in the meantime. I posted a thread on the site's forum page about rear ends. Could you take a look at the post and maybe you can enlighten me a little more about my questions. I just posted it and I didn't want to type the whole thing over. Once again thanx for you fast reply. I am going to reread your reply and also look at regearing the one I have. That is if I can find out which rear end it is.

    68-70 Buick Skylark and Lesabre 10 bolt 8.2 rears.

    We also have posi units that fit the stock 2.56 2.73 2.93
    We have posi units that fit the 3.23 3.42 original gear set too.

    We can do some machine work to aftermarket carrier bearing hub to get a POSI unit to fit the original 3.64 and steeper gears too.

    SO- we have plenty of parts out there we can hook you up with Some paets like the 3.42 and 3.64 gears are kind of expensive and in small quanties...BUT they are available.

    Please PM if you need help sifting through the info. Jim[/quote]
  2. monzaz

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    Pretty sure Wild cat was a BIG car rear end 9.3 Buick drop out. Unless someone else chimes in that knows better and they used the A-Body rear in this car???
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    Old Post, still relevant though.
    64 Wildcat rear is the 9 3/8 with drop out section...

    My rear axle question is half answered here- I've got a 68 LeSabre now and am thinking about an upgrade to posi. I may just bring it up to you Jim so
    all aspects can be measured and knowledge can be shared. My assumption is the springs and mounting may be different from an A body rear. I may have to dig into the
    old parts book to see if anything can be learned. Cheers, SpecialWagon65 in OH.
  4. monzaz

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    What ratio is it. We can only do certain ratios.
    LeSabre is totally different control arm and spring perch
    Uppers may be in the same casting spot but may be longer or shorter depends on the LeSabre's chassis
  5. You seem to know more about axles, so im going to ask here. I'm hoping to go look at a 65 lesabre this weekend. It needs an axle and front right control arms so I can get it rolling. So would a 64 to 67 a body bop 10 bolt work with the correct control arms?
  6. BrianTrick

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    No. As Jim mentioned,the A-body rears have completely different control mounts,width,etc.,compared to the LeSabre.
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  7. Thanks. I guess I'll look for another axle then.

    Edit: I went and looked at the car today. Seller had a bop 10 bolt he said came with the car.
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