Buick red engine paint.

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  1. chucknixon

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  2. chucknixon

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    Here is one listed on Summit Racing webpage:


    KBS Coatings 60322 - KBS Motor Coater Engine Enamels
    Compare Paint, Motor Coater, High-Temperature, Gloss Buick Red, 1-Pint, Each
    Not Yet Reviewed

    Part Number: KCO-60322 More Detail...
    Estimated Ship Date: Today

    Image is a representation of this item.
  3. Mart

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    Mee too...darkens some like Jim says. The ceramic content holds up well on head exhaust area too.

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  4. john3

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    Any still available for purchase? Thanks John A.
  5. wovenweb

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    Roughly how many cans of the Rustoleum does it take to paint all the Buick red parts for a single engine?
  6. wovenweb

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    No one has tracked how many cans of spray paint it has taken them to paint their engine?
  7. Smokey15

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    The amount of paint would be determined by how many coats one desires. I am fussy and I use 1 1/2 to 2 cans.
  8. wovenweb

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  9. Sebastian

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    Does someone know the RAL color code?
  10. painekiller

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    My stash!!! Purchased in 2009..

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  11. SpecialWagon65

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    I got some sample chips of the KBS - I might try it. Looked pretty good but I am not an expert on that red.
    Tried some red tractor paint from Tractor Supply and I liked that too.
  12. Sebastian

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    Which color would you choose? The Buick red in the color sheet looks a little bit dark?

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  14. 12lives

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    Nice Dave!

    BUICKRAT Torque Rules!

    That buick red is pretty close. I recall from 'back in the day', that the buick red was significantly darker than what is available today. I have yet to see the correct color in the parts stores.
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  16. Too Late

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    I'm using Krylon Banner Red. It's really really close to what the motor was before and I am sure it's the factory paint on it. It is a bit more glossy but I dont know how shiny it was before it got covered from front to back top to bottom in grime.

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