buick vs camaro lt1

Discussion in 'Kill Stories (Where Hemis Never Win)' started by Ray, May 13, 2021.

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    Last night i go for a little ride around the block and through town and at a main intersection i turn right and way back i see a newer camero in the left lane so im hoping we meet at a light.yep 2 lights up its him in the left lane and me in the right in front of kwik trip.so i look over and theres a girl maybe 13--15 old in passenger seat but i dont see driver,really didnt wanna look,so light turns green i give it alittle and i hear him getting on it and i cant just stomp on it or my tires blow up in smoke so i gotta feather it alittle well lets just say hes right next to me and his car sounds good but hes by my back tire so after 70 in a 35 mph zone i let him pass so the next light is coming and we meet again, so i look over and he says that well that was fun,so were gonna do it again.same thing happens again i owned him. so i let him pass around 70 again and i slow down to turn around and a suv passing me in the left land gives me the thumbs up.was laughing my ass off.no idea how fast my car is im thinking high 12s low 13s.
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    Same happened to me not long ago dude in a Tahoe ....first light I babied it...next light see yaaaaaa

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