Can a bent grill be fixed?

Discussion in 'A boatload of fun' started by 350cid, Jun 5, 2023.

  1. 350cid

    350cid Well-Known Member

    I took as many parts off the 69 Electra that I had as I could before scrapping. I'll either be selling parts, or putting them away for future use on my LeSabre.

    Is this grill fixable? Is it practical to do so? Would anyone buy it, or should I give it to a scrapper? I suspect it's scrap, but want to make sure before I get rid of it.

    20230604_182639.jpg 20230604_182643.jpg 20230604_182703.jpg
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  2. CJay

    CJay Supercar owner Staff Member

    It depends. Is it pot metal or plastic. Pot metal may just crack if you try and bend it back. If it'd plastic, that's an easy fix. The question is, is the repair worth doing? Not too much call for Electra grills
  3. 350cid

    350cid Well-Known Member

    It's metal. Yeah, demand is the other thing. I just figured it was better to ask than assume, but you're pretty much saying what I was thinking.
  4. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    If it is plastic you could try finessing with a heat gun. They're pretty unforgiving if you pass the point of no return though, depending on the plastic.
  5. 350cid

    350cid Well-Known Member

    Some kind if pot metal I guess. It's too heavy to be plastic or aluminum.
  6. 350cid

    350cid Well-Known Member

    I thought about screwing the pieces to the wall in the garage, but decided to recycle them. I set them out for the guys that cruise the neighborhood for scrap. I really need shelf space on the walls not bent car parts. Thanks for the help.

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