Can someone identify this transmission please

Discussion in 'U-shift em' started by Waterboy, Jan 20, 2023.

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    I know it’s best to identify a transmission by it’s oil pan but this one is still filled with fluid and I don’t wanna tip it on its side in my shed. It was in the darkest depths of my shed that I’m cleaning out and I don’t recollect when I got it or what it is. Thanks in advance, John 912E5796-E78F-419E-95BB-D802C5AF1787.jpeg 9ED64739-FA0E-436E-9CE4-FF26B75A3457.jpeg
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    Looks like a 400. What does the tag say on the side?
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  3. Waterboy

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    No tag unfortunately. I looked for that. It does look like it has the original big modulator on the side of it though. Thanks for looking sir!

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    This is the tag Adam is referring to. Carefully clean off the grease. Don't get rough with it just in case it's a valuable transmission, having the paint on the tag in good condition is a plus to a restorer.


    A partial VIN could also be stamped here if it's '68 and later:

    This is what you hope to find :) '70 Stage 1

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    Gary, you are the man! If it is a 400 and I think it is it came from a 69 GS I stripped apart a whole bunch of years ago. Still a good transmission to have around for a rebuild. I have the torque converter too. I also have the crossmember. I made it to the back of my shed today and found things I had forgotten about. I will clean that part of the transmission up, and see what I can report back. Thank you!
    I also have the air cleaner that’s in really nice shape, and for sale. (oh crap, I have to mention a price. 300 bucks delivered to Bowling Green) I’m sorry, I’m messing up the ops thread. LMAO!
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