Chopper Crash into Chesapeake Bay

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    Yesterday on May 04, 2019 two men were killed in a two seat light helicopter that went down in the Chesapeake Bay. No information yet on what happened. NTSB is conducting an investigation. We do know that they rented the chopper at Tipton Airport near Fort George Meade in Jessup, MD.
    The two men were Charles Knight and Matt Clarke. I've known Matt and his wife for over 20 years. They were raised in the church where I was a youth pastor. We're good friends with Steve and Barb his parents, his brother Tim and his wife Allie. He was only 35 and he leaves 3 small kids behind.
    I can only imagine the grief they wake up to this morning.
    Another really sad part is that Allie lost her dad to a brain aneurism just a few years ago. Now she loses her husband and the father of her children.
    Please pray for the families; that they will experience the comfort and peace that passes understanding. I don't know Charles Knight, but I'm sure his family is suffering today as well.


    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Just lifted the family up in prayer my brother,I cannot even imagine all of that,but it is not for us to understand down here......
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    It's always tragic to see folks so young, especially those with small children, loose their lives. I am praying for these families, that they will receive that peace that passes all understanding you mentioned. The only way to heal from something like this is to seek comfort in the LORD!
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    Man that is rough. May they RIP, and prayers for the family left behind.
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    Prayers for the families and all affected by this accident.

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