compressor on my 77 Regal squealing,(off and on) but clutch turns by hand

Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by berigan, Aug 24, 2021.

  1. berigan

    berigan Well-Known Member

    heard what sounded like a belt chirping (or a low P.S. Pump, it wasn't) as I was leaving the supermarket yesterday. Give it half throttle, it made the noise, but no noise at a steady speed. Today, it was worse, shut it off for a bit. Thought it was still quiet at steady speed or idle, but I heard a light chirp when I had it running, and opened the hood. Gave it some gas under the hood, made a terrible noise, and saw the clutch seem to slow down, then back to normal speed. I have a feeling I am going to hear, replace the compressor, just wanted to make sure I didn't have any other option. It's been awhile since a compressor went out, but don't recall having nice cold air, and a clutch that turned easily by hand (or is that actually a bad sign?)
    OH.....any thoughts of the best place to buy one? I checked a few months ago for my Dads car (a 79 Lincoln) but saw a lot of folks on Summit, amazon, etc hating the ones they bought, saying they only lasted a few months!
  2. berigan

    berigan Well-Known Member

    well...if everyone is basically telling me, duh, it's the compressor, replace it...any suggestions, best bets to get a decent replacement compressor?
  3. mikec

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    I have used the Pro6ten. It is about 10 to 20 lbs lighter than the factory unit and it lasted 10 years before I had to replace it. Drop in replacement
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  4. 72STAGE1

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    Belt tension….?
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  5. Dr. Roger

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    Yeah, I would make sure the belt is tight first, and maybe try some belt dressing. Simple things first.
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  6. Waterboy

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    I like all the answers you’ve gotten so far. I’ll shut up now. :)

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