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Discussion in 'Inquiries' started by 68riviera430, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. 68riviera430

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    About to make an order and had a couple questions about parts:
    For the pre bent fuel line (TA-1534L1) are there any clearance issues with an HEI distributor cap? Also, does use of a 1 inch carb spacer create any issues?
    When ordering the 430 thermostat housing (Ta-1535) does the housing have a heater hose connection built into it (looks like it in the picture) eliminating the point of ordering TA-1535C heater hose connection, when installing new intake?
    And also, wondering if you offer combo pricing for cam and lifter combo.
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  2. Goodwrench04963

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    The nipple on the thermostat housing goes to the water pump. Go to your local hardware store to get the heater hose nipple for your intake or a junkyard if you cant get yours out
  3. 68riviera430

    68riviera430 BRRRRAAAAP!

    Ah I see, thank you

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