Damn good 65 parking light gaskets from Damn Good Auto Parts!

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    Dear fans of mid-60s V-8 Buicks,

    I have been searching for a gasket for the front parking lights of my 1965 Buick Special wagon. I had run across the Damn Good Auto Parts website once before:


    However, somehow I missed the fact that Chris (getnbye on V-8 Buick) also had gaskets for Specials as well as Skylarks. Having gotten an nudge from 64 Skylark Mike, I took another look and sure enough, Chris has gaskets that fit 1965 Specials and Skylarks. I ordered a set late last Friday and had them in my hands yesterday:


    I carefully test fitted the gasket on the lens:


    I also checked the fit in the housing:


    The gasket fit just fine, but as you can see, I should have ordered these new gaskets a lot sooner. I've got a project in restoring this housing. Worse still, it appears that both bulb sockets are shot. However, when you compare the new and the old gasket - is that much of a surprise?


    So learn from my mistakes, order yourself a new set of parking light gaskets from Chris before - you have yet another restoration chore on your hands! :Dou:

    Thanks Chris! :TU:

    Cheers, Edouard :beer
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