Does anyone rebuild AC compressors?

Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by Smartin, Jul 8, 2020.

  1. rkammer

    rkammer Silver Level contributor

    Just checked with Classic in Tampa, FL. Their cost to rebuild my original A6 is $480 minimum plus any unexpected parts + shipping. Kind of strong. That does include a cosmetic restoration, though.
  2. 2manybuicks

    2manybuicks Platinum Level Contributor

    I woulda guessed I paid $500 to $600 a few months ago, so that sure sounds right,
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  3. mrolds69

    mrolds69 "The Cure"

    I apologize for side tracking your thread, Adam! I know you probably want to keep a stock compressor on that GS. I'd like to keep a stock one on mine, too. But the thing has got to work for more than a few years at a time. $500.-600. seems like a lot. It doesn't matter if they spray it and put a decal on it, I know how to do that, and even have an OK stamp here somewhere. there are 2 problems with rebuilts. The first is the mix and match stuff. The second is "How far do they actually go into it?" Your stock rebuild like Nelson showed, maybe they check the pistons, upgrade the seal and call it a day. Maybe they just spin them and check the coil. Maybe they rip it down and do the seals, bearing, clean and gap the clutch, the whole 10 yards. Who knows? I'm sure Classic does a good job, but they probably farm it out. Guarantee? For Nelson, I think the first comp you show is clocked at 2:00. The second comp is the one I ordered. I also have a rebuilt one coming to look at, it's clocked right at 10:00, but has a funky looking, new style clutch. The center where it bolts on is covered, which may be a good thing.
  4. Utah455

    Utah455 Well-Known Member

    Sorry as well for hijacking as well...
    I was thinking of sending mine off to get rebuilt, but since it's an older style and who knows if it even works.

    I see the Parts Place sells one for $279. Anyone thoughts on this?

    And I see Old Air products sells these for $224 and $550...Don't understand what the difference is between the two. Why one is double the prices...Any thoughts?
  5. Redmanf1

    Redmanf1 Gold Level Contributor

    From what I have read on many forums stay away from 4 seasons rebuild. I have a rebuilt classis unit and the front seal is leaking, after about two years. They also did the rebuild on the POA . I plan on getting the double seal as frank said earlier and replacing it myself.
  6. Utah455

    Utah455 Well-Known Member

    Yeah just measured the pulley. Outside dia is roughly 5.65" and the inside diameter (bottom of the belt groove) is about an 1" smaller ~ 4.65". So then it definitely sounds like I have the wrong compressor/pulley setup to get rebuilt for my 70 GS455 application. Then again, my motor is a 76 block, with 72 heads, the long nose pump, with 70 alternator and power steering pump with 72 style brackets. So its already a montage of stuff. Thanks!

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