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    Howdy all! I'm kitty and I'm new around here, hoping to learn about Buick's and get some help getting my new love back on the road. My husband recently got me '63 Buick Wildcat. She's my daily driver and has been going pretty good for the last 4 months. Recently she decided to test us. Her dyna took a massive dump in the parking lot. We pulled it and bought a rebuilt one we found in an effort to save some money. Well..... The new one did the same thing. Dumped everywhere and I don't have drive, only reverse. The new / old trans came out of a 64 la saber and had done 200 miles. The guy swapped it for more power, so I have no reason to believe it was necessarily a bad trans. We have it possibly narrowed down to a few things. One, the hub may not have put enough fluid in before we started it, only 3 pints. So probably didn't suck down in to the torque converter. 2 we may have over filled it, and blown the gasket causing the leak. Three.... From what I have been told there is a belt in there that is much like break material and grabs when your in drive giveing it enough ooph to push this big cat forward. It does not appear that it was tight. The hub tried adjusting it. The wheels turn but there isn't enough there to move the car with the wheels down. Also.... The fluid that came out is like glitter paint... Bad I know. Any advice? Anything I can try to get her back on the road? With out breaking the bank preferably. Or am I just better off to suck it up and have it rebuilt? And what is a fair price for a rebuild? The quote I got before was $900 to start. Seems high to me but we do all our own work on Our cars and I haven't gone to a shop for anything in 5 years. I'm open to any advice and suggestions I just want to be back on the road in my baby!
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    Welcome, Badkitty. I'm not a transmission expert, so I'm not going to speculate on what could have gone wrong. I do have a Dyna-flow in my '62 LeSabre, so I'll be following this thread. I'm certain that there are guys/gals on here that have the answers you seek. I hope your Buick is back to purrfect soon, Kitty.
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    $900 is not bad
    Did you have it rebuilt?

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    Somebody correct me if I am wrong but I thought 63 was the last year for the dynaflow. What was it doing in a 64? I too am looking to get mine rebuilt. I bought the kit a few years ago and still haven't done it. Nobody seems to have any experience rebuilding them. Everywhere I inquire they tell me "sure I can do it" but I am not convinced. Mine runs great but leaks at all the seals.
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    Maybe she got a ST300 out of a 64.
  6. telriv

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    If in fact the trans. came out of a '64 LeSabre the engine would have been a 300 V8 with a ST300 trans. & would not have bolted up to the "Nail" as it has a BOP bolt pattern. You sure it was a '64 & not a '63??? '63 was the last yr. for the DynaFlow & a "Nail" in a LeSabre.

    In reality the DynaFlow is a pretty easy trans. to rebuild. Get a book, a GOOD book, & read it thoroughly. For the most part it is self explanatory. One thing you MUST remember. In drive the only thing connecting the trans. to the driveshaft is fluid. The MOST important part of the trans. is the torque converter. Check ALL your clearances closely. Some of the thrust washers can be replaced with Torrington needle bearings.

    Since you guys do much of your own repairs it's nothing you couldn't tackle on your own. Do some research. Most IMPORTANT.

    Tom T.

    P.S. $900.00 is not a bad price for a rebuild, but I bet before all is said & done it will come out to be more.
  7. 436'd Skylark

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    did you clean the cooler out during the swap? if not it was probably full of debris.

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