Electric fan conversion?

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by Skippy597, Apr 20, 2017.

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    I was just wondering who on here has done an electric fan conversion and if so what did it go on and what fan did you use. I am thinking of doing one to my 71 skylark, I converted my K5 to use a set of dual fans from a LS Camaro and it fit perfectly and works wonderfully. So I was trying to do something similar and was just wondering if anybody knew of a stock fan that fits them pretty well, I know the Taurus fans are supposed to be pretty great but would be interested in what everyone has to say.
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    I have a Lincoln mkviii e-fan on my green skylark. It's a 2 speed fan and I have it hooked up with a wiring harness/controller from the Hollister road company. It works extremely well! So well in fact that it's never needed high speed even crawling in traffic in 90+ degree heat. If you're consider an electric fan, I highly recommend it. You can pick em up pretty cheap. Also consider the harness i mentioned, it is a stellar piece!

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    I like the dalot digital controller. Cones with relays, you can get to on and off temp for each fan, even turns them on for ac. Works with their sender or it you gave an autometer ir other popular manufacturer ypu won't need another sender. All the listed fan are good. I have even used ones for volvos on a 65 olds 442. Fit great and was able to use the factory harness and relay pack with very little extra wiring

    Couple of things to keep in mind, most good fans will pull about 30 amps or more, so you might need an alternator upgrade if running a stk one.

    And take the time to make or find fans that have enough shroud ti cover.most of the radiator, if not the fan only pulls air through the area the size if the fan when not going down the road, making a shroud will allow the fan to pull air through the entire radiator even if off set to one side.
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    I used a derale controller on my truck it works great. stay away from flex a lites controller mine melted.

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