Fabcraft repro 3.42 & 3.64 gears sets for 8.2 Rearends

Discussion in 'Repro Parts' started by Hawken, Aug 19, 2020.

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    I spoke with a couple of people at Fabcraft last week. They are finishing up a run of big car Pontiac rear gears - their main business. I was told that considering wrapping up that big project, the pandemic and (working through) a change in suppliers, they were intending to take a short break heading into the last part of 2020.
    Here's the POSITIVE NEWS, they are taking names so they can have a list of people on stand-by and potentially call asking for 50% refundable deposit.

    I was specifically inquiring about 3.42's. He said that after the last 2nd run of only 3.42's, the guys wanting 3.64's started appearing. My point is that NOW IS THE TIME TO STEP UP.

    Fabcraft will take your name and add it to their list... and as 2020 winds down, communicating your interest is important. CALL THEM and inquire about being put on the list.

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