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  1. EEE

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    <align=top>I thought we could compile some kind of chart of the track times we manage to get with the boats, including 1/4 time, mph, 60', then also a quick desription of modifications. If we could make it a sticky, then I could update the top post with the time slips that are being entered. If someone (moderator I guess) wants to put it in an HTML table, that would be real cool. I guess people could just shoot me a pm with the details of the run and I can update the list. If any updates needs to be done to the list, please let me know.

    <table border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2" width="100%">
    <tr bgcolor="#0099cc"><th><b>Owner</th><th><b>Model</th><th><b>Time</th><th><b>mph</th><th><b>60'</th><th><b>Modifications</th></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>Bob Reynolds</td><td>'71 Riviera</td><td>10.50</td><td>XXX.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>Stage 2 heads</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>Tom Wagner</td><td>'69 Wildcat</td><td>11.21</td><td>118.85</td><td>X.XX</td><td></td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>1drwgn</td><td>'72 Riviera</td><td>11.29</td><td>123.X</td><td>1.80</td><td>Cummins Diesel 430hp / 841tq 5400lbs 28.5 10.5 15</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>grandville455</td><td>'74 Pontiac Grandville</td><td>11.50</td><td>117.74</td><td>1.62</td><td>4550lbs Slicks 4200cnvrtr</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>Mark Dalquist</td><td>'69 Riviera</td><td>11.66</td><td>116.11</td><td>1.69</td><td>3.42's posi, 9.5:1 comp. stg1. 10.5 slicks</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>Scotty Guadagno</td><td>'70 Electra 225</td><td>11.70</td><td>117.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>725 hp w. N2O K.B. MK7 cam st.3 hds 4.10's 4700pds (early 90's)</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>Electrajim</td><td>'77 Electra 225 4dr</td><td>11.92</td><td>111.44</td><td>1.61</td><td>455 9.5:1 st.1 3 ex 3k stall 3.73 10bolt 290-08H RD 850 B4B 26*10.5</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>alan</td><td>'73 Estate Wagon</td><td>11.74</td><td>117.13</td><td>X.XX</td><td>5375 lbs 9lbs of boost turbo 455</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>1drwgn</td><td>'72 Riviera</td><td>11.89</td><td>115.1</td><td>X.XX</td><td>Cummins Diesel 430hp / 841tq 5400lbs</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>Chris Allen</td><td>'71 Riviera</td><td>12.29</td><td>111.XX</td><td>1.75</td><td>Wiseco pistons 11:1 St.1 Alu heads custom cam B4B hdrs 3.23 posi</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>quicksabre</td><td>'76 LeSabre 2dr</td><td>12.54</td><td>107.10</td><td>X.XX</td><td>455/TA413 cam, PAE 1400/4000 sw/pi 400, 3.42 posi stg 1 10.4:1</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>70Cat</td><td>'71 Wildcat</td><td>12.63</td><td>109.XX</td><td>1.79</td><td>dynoed at 450hp/385tq at wheels</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>JOE RIV 1</td><td>'71/72? Riviera</td><td>12.75</td><td>XXX.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>?</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>blown455</td><td>'69 Riviera</td><td>12.86</td><td>106.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>?</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>Rivman73</td><td>'73 Riviera</td><td>12.98</td><td>XXX.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>464 3.42's, mild stg. 1, 113 cam, 2800 stall</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>Yardley</td><td>'69 Riviera GS</td><td>12.99</td><td>104.82</td><td>1.87</td><td>3000 stall</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>pphil</td><td>'70 Wildcat</td><td>13.13</td><td>103.90</td><td>X.XX</td><td>462 10:1 comp B4B Stage 1 alu heads shorty headers 2.78 posi 4600 lbs incl. driver, recurved timing, 2200 stall</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>R_DAVY</td><td>'73 Riviera GS</td><td>13.16</td><td>103.40</td><td>X.XX</td><td>?</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>BadRiv73</td><td>'73 Riviera</td><td>13.29</td><td>107.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>2.93 posi st.1 heads poston GS113a B4B HEI+MSD 2.25 ex. 2k stall</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>jerry455</td><td>'72 Electra</td><td>13.39</td><td>101.xx</td><td>X.XX</td><td>Stage 1 hds, KB113, B4B, Carter 1000 T-quad, 2.5 exh., 3.42 posi</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>theone61636</td><td>'72 Riviera GS</td><td>13.45</td><td>98.XX</td><td>1.8X</td><td>200-4R, Headers > 3.5" cutouts, Holley 850 DP, cam</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>nick rabi</td><td>'72 Centurion vert.</td><td>13.50</td><td>103.09</td><td>2.13</td><td>3.42 posi, M/T ET Street 2.5 exh. 4880lbs incl. driver</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>Smartin</td><td>'71 Centurion</td><td>13.67</td><td>XXX.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>St.1 heads 2.5 exh. TA cam Drag radials 2500 stall 3. 23 posi</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>RIVI1379</td><td>'68 Riviera</td><td>13.78</td><td>101.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>hoosier radials, 3.42 posi</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>JESUPERCAT</td><td>'66 Wildcat</td><td>13.90</td><td>92.X</td><td>1.68</td><td>Dual Quad Nailhead</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>telriv</td><td>'64 Riviera</td><td>13.90</td><td>98.XX</td><td>1.92</td><td>4413pds 425+.030 Holley 750 2 1/4" exh. 3.90's adj rolr tip rckr arms</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>quicksabre</td><td>'67 Riviera</td><td>13.96</td><td>97.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>430/TA212 cam 1350/3300 sw/pi, 3.42 posi 9.9:1 shrty hdrs 2.5</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>BQUICK</td><td>'67 Riviera</td><td>14.36</td><td>XX.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>26in M.T. slicks 3.42 CAM2 mix</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>Briz</td><td>'68 Riviera</td><td>14.38</td><td>93.49</td><td>2.06</td><td>3:42 posi, cam, B4B, 800 Q-Jet, Shift kit, 2.800 converter</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>yacster</td><td>'64 Riviera</td><td>14.45</td><td>91.86</td><td>X.XX</td><td> 425 Nlhd, Ebrock B262 Intk Tom T Rllr Rckrs, TSP Conv 3.07 Posi</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>quicksabre</td><td>'76 LeSabre 4dr ht</td><td>14.50</td><td>93.00</td><td>X.XX</td><td>'455/TA112 cam Kenne B.l 1200/2800 sw/pi 2.93 posi 9.5:1 hdrs</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>72RivGS</td><td>'72 Riviera GS</td><td>14.54</td><td>XX.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>TA shorty headers St.1 hds holley 750 3.42s</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>1969riv</td><td>'69 Riviera GS</td><td>14.5X</td><td>93.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>TA413cam 2500 cnvrtr TA Rllr rckrs. Offy intake edlbrck 800</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>GSCLARK</td><td>'73 Riviera Stage 1</td><td>14.66</td><td>93.11</td><td>2.10</td><td>.30 over 8.5:1 comp. 3.42 St. radials 5060pds w. driver</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>Davy77</td><td>'72 Riviera</td><td>14.87</td><td>90.37</td><td>2.14</td><td>3.23 posi HEI alu intke 2300 stall shrty hdrs 2.5 8.5:1 sp. pro 3k cam</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>Floydsbuick</td><td>'69 Wildcat vert.</td><td>14.92</td><td>91.54</td><td>2.21</td><td>Stock 430 Recurved HEI 3.07 posi</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>Mr62Buick</td><td>'62 LeSabre</td><td>14.95</td><td>97.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>Welded spider gears Stock 401 4bbl Carter 3.24s</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>Smartin</td><td>'71 Centurion vert.</td><td>14.99</td><td>89.60</td><td>2.14</td><td>Stg1 hds, 3.23 posi, hdrs -2.5 exh, alu intke, K&N fltr (sold)</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>Buick Power</td><td>'69 Riviera</td><td>15.00</td><td>90.00</td><td>X.XX</td><td>(sold)</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>BQUICK</td><td>'73 Riviera</td><td>15.10</td><td>XX.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>?</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>wildcat4</td><td>'68 Wildcat</td><td>15.21</td><td>XX.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>HEI shift kit</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>Floydsbuick</td><td>'80 Lesabre 4dr</td><td>15.26</td><td>86.XX</td><td>1.99</td><td>Stock '70 350 3.42 posi (sold?)</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>71GSX455-4SPD</td><td>'66 Wildcat</td><td>15.27</td><td>89.00</td><td>X.XX</td><td>?</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>austingta</td><td>'70 Wildcat</td><td>15.50</td><td>87.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>Stock w. open rear</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>TheSilverBuick</td><td>'72 Centurion</td><td>15.58</td><td>88.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>8.5:1 isky .454 lift cam, Q-jet, Dual exh open 2.93
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>bandit600</td><td>'70 LeSabre</td><td>15.60</td><td>88.4X</td><td>X.XX</td><td>Chevy 427 rlr cam 308.2 rwhp 383.2 tq 2.73grs 1 7/8 hdrs</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>D STAGE 2 455</td><td>'69 Electra</td><td>15.70</td><td>92.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>Stock 430, 2.93 open dual 2.5 ex. Flowmaster delta flow</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>87GN@Tahoe</td><td>'64 Riviera</td><td>15.70</td><td>86.20</td><td>2.32</td><td>3.07's open, Telesco Roller Rockers</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>EEE</td><td>'66 Wildcat</td><td>15.88</td><td>85.91</td><td>2.48</td><td>Dual 2.5 exhaust frsh air snrkls</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>crpgdth455</td><td>'73 Centurion vert.</td><td>15.XX</td><td>XX.XX</td><td>X.XX</td><td>Dual '3</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>EEE</td><td>'72 Centurion vert.</td><td>16.19</td><td>83.84</td><td>2.41</td><td>Rcrvd HEI, 3.42 posi K&N fltr frsh air snrkls (car burned)</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>jamyers</td><td>'71 LeSabre</td><td>16.28</td><td>85.08</td><td>2.49</td><td>stock hi-comp 350 John O. 750 cfm Q-jet HEI open 3.08's</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>crazyjackcsa</td><td>'71 Riviera</td><td>16.35</td><td>87.55</td><td>2.78</td><td>2.93 open</td></tr>
    <tr bgcolor="#cccccc"><td>ric</td><td>'73 Centurion vert.</td><td>16.67</td><td>82.42</td><td>X.XX</td><td>2.73 open, Stage 1 hds, tow cam, 4950 lbs</td></tr>
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  2. Electrajim

    Electrajim Just another Jim

    77 Buick Electra 225 4 door.
    11.93 @ 103


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  3. flynbuick

    flynbuick Guest

    Scotty Guadagno 70 Electra ---low 11s

    Mark Dalquist 68 or 69 Riv--------11.66
  4. EEE

    EEE Straight out of lo-cash!

    What's his user name? I'll try to dig up some more precise figures about it, so we can keep the list accurate.

    I'm at the bottom :shock: what have I started..
  5. EEE

    EEE Straight out of lo-cash!

    I'm also after Nick White's user name, he's got a 72 lesabre that's in the mid 15's.
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  6. Floydsbuick

    Floydsbuick Well-Known Member

    My former 80 LeSabre 4 door knocked out a 15.26 @ 86 mph with a 1.99 60 ft. Had stock 70 350 and a 3.42 posi.
  7. austingta

    austingta Well-Known Member

    This last weekend my 70 'Cat ran a 15.50 @ 87. Bone stock. One wheel drive. No hope under the sun for a full throttle start. Or anywhere near a full throttle start. :pray: :shock: :sleep: :rolleyes: :Dou:


    CTX-SLPR Modern Technology User

    What qualifies as a boat? 1st Gen Riv's too small?
  9. bignastyGS

    bignastyGS Maggot pilot

    Better add Tom Wildcat Wagner to this. he has 2 that are in the 12's and 11.50's..
  10. EEE

    EEE Straight out of lo-cash!

    I think we can squeeze a "small" Riv in there too, why not. Please don't forget to add any mods, and the 60' time if you have it etc. The list is coming along nicely, I would also like to hear from Jamyers who has a fresh 464 in his 71/72 Lesabre..
  11. EEE

    EEE Straight out of lo-cash!

    What's his user name? I could try to find a thread where he mentions more exact figures.
  12. 78ParkAvenue

    78ParkAvenue LED Interior Lighting

    Electrajim, do you have the full interior in your car?
  13. telriv

    telriv Founders Club Member

    '64 Riv. 13.902@98MPH 1.92/60ft. /4413pds. /425+.030 /Holley 750/ My "Adjustable Roller Tip Rocker Arms/ exhaust manifolds/ 2 1/4" exhaust(mostly stock)3.90 gears/ 180K+ on engine since rebuild in 70's.
  14. Floydsbuick

    Floydsbuick Well-Known Member

    You know.........I wasn't gonna race the Wildcat. But you just had to start this list!!!!!
  15. BTail

    BTail Well-Known Member

    Any car with flames oughta be raced.

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  16. flynbuick

    flynbuick Guest

    To the best of my belief SG is not a Board member.
  17. grandville455

    grandville455 Well-Known Member

    I know its not a Buick, but it is a heavy Boat!.....

    Headwind of 20 mph gusting to 30 at times this past sunday... and the car ran its best ever of 13.04 @ only 101.23 cause of the wind, Should be closer to 104 without the wind in its face!
    with a best 60ft of 1.83 and 8.25 1/8th at 83.31 with a best 1000' time of 10.82! ..The car definately would have ran 12's if there wouldnt have been the wind ...
  18. jamyers

    jamyers 2 gallons of fun

    Well, here you go!

    Here's the numbers from my '71 LeSabre when it had the 350 in it:

    Owner -------- Model ------ Time --- mph --- 60'----- Modifications / Options
    James Myers - '71 LeSabre - 16.28 - 85.08 - 2.49 ---- Basically stock hi-comp 350, John O. 750 cfm Q-jet, HEI, open 3.08 rear.

    (For comparison, here's the 1/8-mile numbers with the 350:
    10.57 @ 67.48, 60' = 2.49)

    Since I've had the 464 in it, I've only been able to get onto an 1/8-mile track:

    Owner --------- Model ----- Time - mph -- 60'----- Modifications / Options
    James Myers - '71 LeSabre - 9.68 - 74.22 - 2.3 ---- 464, TA212 cam, DIY port/polished Stg 1 iron heads, shorty headers, 9.2 CR, John O. 750-cfm Q-jet, MSD, posi 3.08 rear. (And not much tuning)

    Now that I've done some more tweaking, my butt-dyno says the 464 is better yet. Need to do something about that 60' time though - I'm thinking of getting a set of small-diameter tires on some steel wheels just for the track to fake a deeper rear gear.
  19. EEE

    EEE Straight out of lo-cash!

    I can't really fit the 1/8 times in there, but it sure looks like a very nice improvement!!! We're eager beavers to see what happens once it's tuned and taken down the quarter.. For the porting, did you use an air or electrical die grinder?
  20. tommieboy

    tommieboy Well-Known Member

    Should make this thread a permanent sticky.... :3gears:
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