Finding grill to my '66 Electra

Discussion in 'Chassis restoration' started by jrasi, Jan 14, 2014.

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    Good morning boys and girls.

    One of the previous owners of my Electra has lost the grill of my car and I am looking for new one.
    Are these my options?
    - '65 Electra
    - '66 Electra
    - '65 LeSabre
    - '66 LeSabre

    I am not doing any nuts and bolts resto, so it hasn't to be actual grill to this model, just something to fill the gap between the hood and the bumper, I've seen enough those '60s fullsizes with some ugly aluminium mesh as grill.

    My ride is '66 Electra 225 Custom, 4dr pillared ht. And if you have extra grill which you like'd to sell at a reasonable price AND send it overseas to Finland, please be free to contact me via PM or email.

    Thank you and sorry if this is in wrong section.
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    You need to get into contact with mike at the buick bonery in sacramento ca im pretty sure he has a 65 electra there.
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