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Discussion in 'U-shift em' started by Mos'72, Feb 24, 2016.

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    I just completed swapping a Muncie m21 into my 72 skylark (350, formerly had a th350 trans). I am very happy with the swap so far except there are a few small problems. I went with a hydraulic clutch using a Howe bearing and a Wilwood master cylinder, it feels great but the clutch grabs kinda high for my taste, any way I can change this without altering the pedal height? Also I notice the clutch makes a whining sound similar to that of a bad power steering pump when the clutch is not depressed, if I put even a little tension on the clutch pedal it goes away.

    I was very careful when installing the throw out bearing to make sure the clearance between it and the pressure plate were correct so I do not believe that's the issue but hey I've been wrong before.

    Maybe someone can help me out on this, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  3. telriv

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    More than likely the throw-out bearing is the culprit in that type of noise. What did you set the clearance at from the fingers of the fork when the hydraulic throw-out bearing was installed??? If I remember correctly it's supposed to be set at .300". This number takes into account how far the fingers will come out during normal wear of the disc.

    Tom T.
  4. Mos'72

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    If I remember correctly I did set it to .300", which with my set up did not require any spacers. It was not making the noise when I first installed it, is it possible that the clutch has worn and this causes the noise? Other than the noise I havent noticed it driving any differently.
  5. telriv

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    In my opinion not likely. I still stand behind the throw-out bearing being the culprit. Before ripping & tearing do some diagnostics before hand.

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