FOR SALE: NEW 66-70 Riviera Trunk Mat Kits

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  1. Mike Sumrell

    Mike Sumrell NC68Riviera

    Replacement 8 piece trunk mat kits for 66-70 Rivieras.
    $119.00 shipped to the USA.
    $130.00 worldwide.
    Price is not negotiable.

    These kits are hand cut out of charcoal color bulk synthetic felt material.

    FYI: 1966 Riviera's had a beige weave material for trunk mats. I cannot find this material at a reasonable enough price in order to make kits separately for 1966 Riviera.

    We don't guarantee that these mats are the factory correct color. They will fit like the original mats and will look almost NOS. Installation instructions are also included. We recommend using liquid contact cement (not included), not spray contact adhesive to glue these mats down. If you are interested in purchasing a kit, send me a DM not a reply to this posting.

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