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Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by RTOM, Dec 23, 2021.

  1. RTOM

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    Found someone that is willing to sell/ship all the under the hood a/c parts. He states that the face of the clutch spins freely but the pulley section has drag to it - is that normal or would that indicate that its bad?
  2. 1973gs

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    That's backwards. The pulley should spin freely and the center should have resistance because that's actually turning the compressor. Used compressors aren't a good idea. I assume that you are trying to install ac on a non ac car? Plan on replacing compressor and dryer.
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  3. Ziggy

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    I would suggest disassembling the compressor and having a good look at the internals before arbitrarily scrapping it. The Frigidaire A6 compressor was one of the most robust compressors ever put on an automobile. It was used by almost every marque in the world at one time or another, including heavy duty trucks. It has an internal oil pump and oil management system that keeps things happy, even when low on freon. If a thorough inspection of the internals goes well, there are seals, o-rings, clutch parts and bearings readily available.
    The one thing I would recommend is that when you do your conversion, keep the POA and expansion valve setup rather than converting it to a cycling clutch orifice tube system. The clutch is a little small on the A6 and doesn't really like to be cycled a bunch. Also, the AC performance of the POA system is unbelievable!
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  4. RTOM

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    Thank you guys !

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