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Discussion in 'A boatload of fun' started by Stage1 Jeff, Dec 25, 2004.

  1. justbufords

    justbufords Active Member

    Have been running and building 67 225's since my dad bought our first one NEW :Brow: ...I am oozing with knowledge on these HA..I also run a 72 gs riv, and a 68 lesabre sport coupe w/ 20 k orig...My 68 gs 400 doesn't count here...but the big block is just a small bore 430...can I help??
  2. Pace Car Seeker

    Pace Car Seeker Smokin' Tires Baby

    Hey Smartin is there a registry for 1976 Centurys/Regals ? or Pace Cars? I haven't seen any. :Do No:
    Thanks :bglasses:
  3. Smartin

    Smartin antiqueautomotiveservice.com Staff Member

    I don't have any records of one....not sure if someone has a registry or not.

    There is this, but that's as close as I can find to what you're looking for:

  4. Paolo

    Paolo Well-Known Member

    Happy New Year's, all. Wife and I are getting ready to do a 9-month hitch in GA, have a few days' free time. I see the thread on registries is heating up again.

    The aim, as I understand it, is to provide an:

    1. Enduring
    2. Comprehensive
    3. Owner(user)-Edittable

    database of specific eras and body styles of Buicks. When I had some free time a couple years ago, I spent a lot of time putting 72Electra.com together, a registry that I have to manually update. Since then, I haven't had nearly as much time to devote to the site, and it costs a good bit to host, so I've been looking into alternatives, that will

    1. Be User-Edittable (less time for me to update)
    2. Cost Nothing (tuition is expensive)

    What I'm thinking so far is to transition to site to either a blog format, or a wiki format. I should have something in the next week. There has to be some better and more consistent solution than individuals out there creating seperate registries for the vehicles of their choice.
  5. badcat

    badcat Big Buick Driver

    I just registered fullsizebuicks.com

    I will take on the task of setting up the registry, but will look to any voulenteers. I am a web programmer, so It is not a difficult tast to set it up.

    My choice of technology for this will be probably MySQL and PHP if anyone is interested.


  6. Paolo

    Paolo Well-Known Member

    Hi Jeff,

    Will it be user-edittable, or a group effort, or will one guy (w/ broadband and alotta free time) be editting/updating it?

    I'd of course like to help in any way I can. I'd be happy to transition all my content to your site, the 72electra domain is good through February, I'd like to have it elsewhere after that time.
  7. badcat

    badcat Big Buick Driver

    My intent (notice the word intent :Smarty: ) is to have the information entered by a user, with a password, store the data in a database. When someone clicks on a page (design still withstanding) to view for example 68 Wildcats :beer , it would do a dynamic formatted dump of all the registered 68 Wildcats.

    I will set up a page where if a user logs in, they will be able to edit their own information. The only thing I am looking at is limiting folks to one picture, and probably less than 1K. Space costs money.

    I may even set up a mini blog as a phase II piece. I probably won't do sub-domains (it's that cost money thing again).

    What I would appreciate is any design ideas you have (or anybody else!). I looked at the Centurion site, and it looks fairly complete for gathering information.

    As far as moving the information over, send me a PM, and we can discuss.
  8. badcat

    badcat Big Buick Driver

    Now I see why PaoloSica was trying to hunt down build sheets a year ago....

    OK, I can design the database to handle different codes for different models/years. This will take some input effort, and I may set up a webpage for doing that, and then enlist some help. Of course, I will need to get my hands on as many build sheets (wholesale order forms) as possible. Please don't say Andy at Sloan....It is a cost money thing....15.00 a pop....

    Let me know.... :Comp:
  9. badcat

    badcat Big Buick Driver

    OK, no replies from my last post....I have almost finished putting the site together, I will be moving it out in about two weeks after I finish testing.....thats the programmer in me.... :error:

    I have opted to shy away from the strict build sheet format that centurion used, because of the almost infinite number of iterations between models and years. But I will stick with the categories..... :TU:

  10. RATT7

    RATT7 Well-Known Member

    I would like a registry to - It's kinda hard to find other people in my area with a buick similar to mine, 1970 Buick Electra 225 Limited
  11. badcat

    badcat Big Buick Driver

    The one guy who is a part of the posts has a centurion site. He had stated he was going to stop doing it. I have a lot of the pieces ready to go, but was hoping for some additional input before I complete. I have been so busy at work, this has take a back burner for now. But I do want to complete it soon.
  12. Paolo

    Paolo Well-Known Member


    I can understand your situation and a number of us are 'tuned in' to your efforts. As another possible solution, I've thought about translating 72electra.com into a series of stickies on this website, hosting the photos free somewhere. Cheers, :beer

  13. Smartin

    Smartin antiqueautomotiveservice.com Staff Member

    I have never said I was going to stop operating the Centurion Registry...I've been so busy lately, that I haven't had a chance to do any updates.
  14. LeSabre300

    LeSabre300 Active Member

    What exactly is the point of a registry. I'm sure it's a dumb question, but I'd still like to know.
  15. jlv58

    jlv58 Well-Known Member

    An what is the point of playing football if you are not a professional what is the point of making love if not to make a baby, what is the point of discussing why 73 centurions lost the chrome on the dash pannels....:beers2:
  16. Nothingface5384

    Nothingface5384 Detail To Oil - Car Care

  17. Fragzem

    Fragzem Well-Known Member

    well if someone were to create something for full-size buicks
    kindly organize it nice like bimmerforums.com or bimmerfest.com
    that's structure!
  18. Mr62Buick

    Mr62Buick Guest

    I think we need to have pre-smogged vehicles in a group, like the 68 and olders... (69 and up had smog pumps and the GNX and more of the 70's sport vehicles) I think that alot would like to include thier buicks, but I also know that my group of nailhead nuts from 66 and older would prefer our own group. Maybe we can make a group from 53-66 buicks, and another from 1967-1978 (pre computered vehicles) Electronic ignition is ok, but fuel injectioned vehicles like the GN and more should have thier own group too. What do you think??
  19. Phil Racicot

    Phil Racicot Well-Known Member

    Smog pumps were installed in 1966 on California cars (yes, there are Nailheads with smog pumps!). In the other states and in Canada, it was 1972... But in 1975, they were removed for a few more years because of the catalytic converters. My 1975 Electra doesn't have a smog pump...
  20. Smartin

    Smartin antiqueautomotiveservice.com Staff Member

    My 66 Wildcat had a factory smog pump...one of very few I've ever seen.

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