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    I know this is a V8 board but many Buick owners own both V6 and V8 cars.


    I ordered a new front bumper for my 87T and sent me a defective bumper (cost me over $400 with tax).

    They will not refund my money because they say it was installed. When my shop tried to test fit the bumper they sent me the attached picture.

    I have included the email chain for those that care.

    Please spread the word about the defective bumpers and about the awful customer service.


    Cc: 'Tech' <>
    I will copy my tech team to advise. My apologies for the inconvenience.

    Thank you!
    Your Customer Service Team @ GBP

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Michael Pollack <>
    Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2020 2:23 PM
    Subject: bumper problem

    Dear GbodyParts representative,

    The front bumper I received from one of you suppliers is defective (please see attached photos).

    My restoration shop sent me these photos of the front bumper where it is clear that the passenger side is over 1/4" narrower than the drivers side making impossible to align the front bumper properly. If you look at the passenger side photo you can see where the bumper starts to get shorter (about 1 inch from the measuring tape there is a notch as it starts to get narrower).

    I purchased these and other parts for my 87 Regal Turbo from GBody Parts through eBay and the front bumper was shipped by one of your suppliers from Texas over a month after they were ordered. The rear bumper that was shipped directly from North Carolina looks great.

    eBay order number 114102307601-2087659348001

    Please advise?

    [​IMG] <>
    From the R and D department:
    We supplied all the NOS GM bumpers to get these reproduced.
    All Bumper parts were NOS GM units.
    There are not 2-3 manufacturers of the bumper only 1 tool built.
    They were sent to NC 4 years ago to verify the measurements. We still have the Chrome units installed on a 50K mile 87 Limited.
    The black ones are installed on an 87 Moon roof GN.
    All impact strips and bumperettes and pads are installed.
    Everything was measured by us and a company in Ohio.
    We both passed with no conversation between us until the reports were completed.
    Both found them to be correct.
    This was unusual as most of the times we would fail a GN hood for a 1/8" and 2 MM etc. and Ohio would not.
    We were usually a little more accurate.
    There is one manufacturer in Taiwan CHL.
    There are probably 2-3 boxes that buy enough to have them boxed in their own company name.
    So it would not matter if it came from GBP in a white box or GS in a CHL box it is from the same tool.

    [​IMG] <>
    We just opened up 2 boxes and the ends are the same. Not sure what has happened from the time they did the originals to now but they will all be the same way. We have the prototype on a 50K mile Limited and it is not like that.

    From: Michael Pollack <>
    Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2020 11:58 PM
    Subject: Re: bumper problem

    Dear GBP Rep,

    I am sure there is nothing wrong with your tooling and have seen reproductions without this issue. My restoration shop tells me that they have installed both the GBP and CHL packaged Regal front bumpers and have not seen this problem before.

    I have attached the photo of the passenger side top of the front bumper and if you look about an inch to the right of the tape measure you can see where the inner edge starts to get cut down. The bumper was either not loaded in the tool correctly or the blank was damaged.

    Please open another front bumper from your stock and compare the passenger side top edge to my photo.

    [​IMG] <>
    They said every one they have is the same way from the same tool.
    We explained this.
    The installation did not make it defective but it did make it installed correct?

    From: Michael Pollack <>
    Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 2020 5:33 PM
    Subject: RE: bumper problem

    I don't want to return it I want it replaced with one that is not defective.

    The installation did not cause the defect.
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    What a load of crap they are selling for big money.

    The defect should have been caught before they were chromed and not pushed onto the end consumer.

    They need to send them back to Taiwan and have them send new ones and not sell them to the Buick community.

    GBP customer service sucks!
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    I dealt with them once an had a problem and they don't have a contact number to talk to someone they just email back-and-forth. I will not deal with them ever again.
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    I wish you had posted a warning
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    Customer service is not the normal anymore!
    Good luck, hope they make it right!
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    I did earlier in the year.
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    Thread was July 9, 2020 it was only over $18 though . IMG_4684.PNG IMG_4685.PNG
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    If you need parts for your grand national or T-type Contact Highway stars excellent service.
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    I hope you paid with a credit card. Problem solved.
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    I don’t know how common it is, but I had the same defect on the Goodmark bumper I purchased from Rock Auto. Since it is a painted bumper, I was able to smooth it out a little before painting.

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    Have to order a some bumper fillers for my new race car.. thanks for the heads up, I will avoid this company..

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