Gear head gathering @ kroger on rayford rd. Sat. Jan. 12th.

Discussion in 'Texas Buick Nationals' started by 86TexasT, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. 86TexasT

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    Marvin Garrett (Grand National owner) and his car club guys are getting together this Saturday evening Jan. 12th. around 5 pm @ the Kroger Parking lot, 2301 Rayford Rd. . . DIRECTIONS: take 45 North to Rayford/Sawdust Rd., turn right, go approx 5-6 miles, look for the Krogers parking lot. Open to all classic vehicles, shine `em up & bring `em out.
  2. 86TexasT

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    Just got off the phone with Marvin, it started raining up there, wanted to wait until last minute ta call it off, will try to reschedule next month.

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