Get a Grip! Wrapping Sport Steering Wheels

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  1. knucklebusted

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    I'm wrapping old, worn and sticky Buick three-spoke sport steering wheels.

    If you have one that you hate to touch because it is gooey or it doesn't look nice because the grain has worn smooth, these leather wraps with extra padding might be just the thing you are looking for.

    I have two types of covers to choose from.

    The first is the inexpensive Belinous without the rolled-over edge and a visible seam that I position at the bottom. In the black or red thread, this cover applied to your wheel and shipped back to you is running $100 as long as my costs remain stable.

    The second option is the more expensive WheelSkins with the rolled-over edge and a hidden seam. In the black or red thread, this cover applied to your wheel and shipped back to you is running $135.

    Turn around is generally one week from the time I receive the wheel.

    Here's a few examples.

    Comparison of padded and wrapped wheel to factory three-spoke wheel:
    Black Belinous wrap with black cross stittch thread:
    Black WheelSkins wrap with black cross stitch thread from back:
    Black WheelSkins wrap with red cross stitch thread:
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  2. ddrieg

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    Hi Greg. This thread was referenced in another thread which I opened about my steering wheels.
    I have a few questions if you don't mind.
    1) Do you wrap in any color other than black? I have a red comfort-grip wheel and I'd like to put it in a saddle-colored interior car. Painting/dying doesn't seem to be an option and repros seem to only be available in black.
    2) Also, do you wrap '86/'87 GN wheels?
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  3. Brad Conley

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    Also, turn-around time??
  4. Redmanf1

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    I like mine...


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  6. Joe B

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    Hey Greg,
    What’s the turn around time on these? I like the thicker wheel but I was wondering if this could be done a little thinner, maybe between the pictured wheel and the standard wheel thickness.

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