Granddaughters medicine recalled

Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by Chuck Bridges, Feb 21, 2024.

  1. Chuck Bridges

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    Hello All.

    While reading the news today, I noticed that a familiar looking bottle in an article about a recalled medicine. I went down to the medicine cupboard (Old people with grandkids = lots of meds) and found the medicine that Aria was prescribed for her overgrown tonsils. It matched the recall and said that the batch may be contaminated with Burkholderia cepacia complex bacteria, which can pose serious health risks to people with chronic lung diseases or weakened immune systems, those who are pregnant, as well as seniors and children.

    I immediately informed my wife (retired nurse) and returned the bottle to the pharmacy for a replacement. Aria was showing symptoms of being sick, so Mommy took her to the walk-in clinic. She is fairly sick but it doesn't, so far, seem like the medicine is responsible. Prayers for my little girl would be much appreciated.
    I have been post-concussion since 2015 with a headache (only 1 in 9 years, but it is still here), vertigo (had to prove I could still drive), and light and sound sensitivity. All that, and I would add her sickness to me instead of her. I guess that is what being "Gampy" is all about.

    Thank you all, I appreciate the prayers for my little lady.

  2. TrunkMonkey

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    Prayers for your granddaughter and you, Chuck.
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  3. hwprouty

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    You got it Chuck, when my Grandkids scrape their knee or get sick it absolutely kills me...
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    Prayers for you all!
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  5. DaWildcat

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    You're a good Grandpa, and that's coming from one who had the best.

    All my best to you & yours, Chuck. Please keep us posted.

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  6. Chuck Bridges

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    Today, Aria seems to be on the mend. Last night was a bit scary though. all sorts of things went through my head and I managed almost 3 hours sleep. i guess you really never stop being a parent, even to your Grandchildren.

    Thank you for all of the prayers. They seem to be helping as I told her of all the nice people praying for her.

    God bless... Chuck
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  7. Chuck Bridges

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    Aria is even better today. I can stop worrying, so my wife tells me. I looked at her and asked "Still don't know me after 39 years, eh?". When it comes to my kids, or my Grandkids, I tend to the , well, over-cautious end of the spectrum.

    Thank you again all.

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