gs/gsx hood on apollo

Discussion in 'The "X" bodies' started by Eric Bethel, Jul 9, 2020.

  1. Eric Bethel

    Eric Bethel Member

    How hard is it to put the gsx hood on an apollo. Im assuming the front and rear need to be trimmed , also can the original hood springs work?
  2. Brad Conley

    Brad Conley Super Moderator Staff Member

    Impossible to just drop on. Now, you could cut out the sheetmetal hood scoops, weld them in, etc.
  3. Marv Marksberry

    Marv Marksberry Well-Known Member

    This is a fiberglass hood from a 1970 GSX. It is a lift off, light weight hood that had previous damage in the nose area. I cut it down and it aligned up great for me to add a little extra fiberglass to square up the rounded edges on the front area to blend in with the Apollo nose piece. The only part of the old fiberglass hood that I still have is shown here so that you will have an idea as to what I removed to make this work. You could purchase the fiberglass hood with the GS scoops and cut it down like I did with this Stage 2 hood. 853EEF17-3BDA-49CB-AC81-888994BB0D82.png B6F889CE-71A7-4BC4-AF2C-20405D08544A.png 3C8E6C10-7AF5-419A-8083-99F47082F17C.jpeg 00924B5B-FB92-4776-B6CD-D3B279E9C577.jpeg BA603F66-2755-4F93-A779-D34001EE1689.jpeg 00924B5B-FB92-4776-B6CD-D3B279E9C577.jpeg 853EEF17-3BDA-49CB-AC81-888994BB0D82.png B6F889CE-71A7-4BC4-AF2C-20405D08544A.png 3C8E6C10-7AF5-419A-8083-99F47082F17C.jpeg BA603F66-2755-4F93-A779-D34001EE1689.jpeg 00924B5B-FB92-4776-B6CD-D3B279E9C577.jpeg
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  4. Eric Bethel

    Eric Bethel Member

    ok , i think I get it you only took 5 1/4 inches out of the back and nothing out of the front?
  5. charlierogers

    charlierogers GSX stage 1 4 speed #149

    holy cow that stg 2 scoop looks great on there! if somebody told me they were gonna cut down a gs hood to work on apollo body i would laugh and say no way thats gonna work. great job!!
  6. docgsx

    docgsx It's not a GTX

    Exactly what I did on my 73
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  7. Marv Marksberry

    Marv Marksberry Well-Known Member

    Yes I took 5-1/4 inches off the back of the GS hood.
    I also removed the nose of the GS hood. Measure the length of your Apollo hood as that will be where to cut the front of the fiberglass hood. You will also have to cut down both sides as the Apollo hood is narrower than the GS hood. The measurement that is shown for the width of the piece that I removed should be about the width of your Apollo hood in the rear. The front width measurement maybe different. I don’t remember as this was about 15 years ago. Remember to always find center and measure outward and mark off all cut areas with masking tape first before making any cuts.

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