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    The GS OUTLAW does sound better i thank the rules should be like the pro stock class in the pro fast street car put limit to 29.5 10.5 w on the w 30 10.5 on all other with max inches at 550 working head lights taillights weight no less than 3100pound all motor power adder no less than3400 with driver and one nitrous system fuel injection 100 pounds extra
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    Depending on the turn out this year there could be some major change coming down the line for both GSE and GSP. I agree I don't care for the GSP name to me pro street is huge tires and giant engines with carbs hanging out of the hood. There has been some interest in opening up the class some and I think it might be a good Idea especially with some of the new stuff that is coming out there will be allot more guy's stepping up to the plate I think. I think that just the opposite will happen with GSE I can see it going back to an iron headed class on pump gas. That will put me and several others out of both of them but I think that MIGHT be what is best for the classes. We will see what happens in a few months. It is to late to change the GSCA rules now anyway. There was a dead line given to contact all the rules committee members a few months back so that those racing in the classes could have time to make changes or update. I was contacted by no one in regards to rules so they stayed the same. I hope this clears up were we stand right know but I would love to have your ideas when the time comes to make changes. I will post on the boards when I am ready for info then we can rebuild if necessary.


    No one whats to talk more about some rule changes it need to be talked about. It take some time to get what people want so now is the time

    Like they say a daylate and a dollarshort

    Lets make a change that makes a differents

    I think that the GSCA needs to let people run N.O.S

    Its every where in the street car events

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