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Discussion in '"Pay It Forward"' started by Jim Weise, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise EFI/DIS 482

    As requested by the users, this forum has been created for the sale/donation of good used or new parts.

    Of course, we all could use free stuff, so let's not flood this with one line requests for 70 GS grills.

    To let folks know what your after, take the time to give us a brief history of your car and yourself, and what your looking for.

    Then, if a board member sees what you need, and has what you need, he can offer it to you here, or thru an email or PM.

    One simple rule for this forum.

    * Parts offered for sale in this forum must be at or below 50% of market value*.

    To determine current market value, a current/recent EBay transaction or sale thru the board here, will be used to determine
    that price. If your unsure, ask before you post please.

  2. James P

    James P Founders Club Member

    It would also be nice if the generosity of the members is not abused by the parts here turning up on ebay the next day.

    I've seen a couple parts sold on this board at great prices turn up there shortly after at tidy profit, and no I'm not going to say what or when.
  3. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise EFI/DIS 482

    Incidents like this should be reported to me privately, and those individuals will be banned from participating in this section of the board.

    Clean slate for everybody starting now.

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  4. txgwildcat

    txgwildcat Guest

    I've posed the MARKET VALUE question many times and have received a wide variation of opinions. Jim, your definition of Market Value is exactly how I determine it, I guess great minds think alike.
  5. Yardley

    Yardley Club Jackass


    I think we should ask ourselves this: Do we want a person in our club who would buy an item here KNOWING that a) the rules say he can't resell it at a profit, and b) that if he does there will be retribution... and he sells it anyway?

    I suggest a harsher penalty than just banning them from this section of the board. Like banning from the board altogether, or from the BPG, or list their names here publicly so we can see just who would do such a thing. You're all the best, but I say this needs to have some teeth to prove that we are serious about growing the Buick community and proliferating the number of Buicks saved and on the road.

    Just my input y'all.
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  6. 69GS400s

    69GS400s own amusement ride!

    I've done this twice so far ....

    I've offered free parts IF those receiving JOINED THE BPG !!!!

    I think its a GREAT way to drive up the membership from the 3,000 V8 users who haven't yet "Seen the Light"
  7. Eric

    Eric Founders Club Member

    Looking for a good {non-broken) 69 GS GRILL for my big brothers
    restored 69 GS Convertible. Just completed Jan. 2004 /Silver w/black interior and top. Beautiful car, but we just need a grill.
    Also need a good tilt wheel gear shift column lever for bench
    seat column. Ive been told the levers on the column are bent different from the console shift type column.
    Eric /
  8. 1979SHX

    1979SHX derevaun seraun

    Yeah....what he said.
  9. Trikeman72

    Trikeman72 Well-Known Member

    well i havent read a huge amount of newbie informative posts but ummmm
    i figure the B is for Buick.. but i dont know what BPG is could someone please let me in on this heck i love the lines on the old buicks if its dealing with savin buicks from the crusher im for it:TU:
  10. ragtops

    ragtops Gold Level Contributor
  11. 64special225

    64special225 Alex Fant

    could someone please enlighten me and explain to me exactly what this forum is about? i have been looking for a 1964 Buick 300 for my 64 special. i was considering a 350 or 455 but have decided to just drop a 300 in. i saw that someone is giving away one and a transmission in this forum, but i do not know if i am being greedy looking here? explain to me please?
  12. David G

    David G de-modded....

    Not everyone is out to make a fortune selling their parts. Especially old used stuff that isn't exactly NOS... If someone has parts they don't want or need and feel like offering them here to someone that might actually NEED them... well that's what this place is for. Don't feel bad about taking someone up on their offer of an engine/trans.
  13. Devin

    Devin Buick guy since 1982

    Is trading allowed in this forum?
  14. flynbuick

    flynbuick Guest

    Trading is done in the for sale sections.

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