Headlight Mounting Kit (1970-72) T-3 Bulbs & Fasteners . . . .

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    48 Pc Kit provides T-3 Headlights & all the Fasteners needed to mount your Headlights and Headlight Bezels

    Fits 1970, 71 & possibly some early 1972 GS, GSX & Skylark - $239.00 Plus Shipping

    This Kit Provides the following parts:

    4 Pack of T-3 Headlights (Made in the USA by Lectric Limited)

    4) Trim Rings (TPP)

    4) Headlight Bucket Springs (AMK)

    8) Headlight Bezel Nuts (AMK)

    8) Headlight Bezel Screws (AMK)

    8) Headlight Adjusters (AMK)

    12) Headlight Mounting Screws (Inline Tube)



    I accept Pay Pal and all major Credit Cards.

    Order by phone by calling (715) 874-6037
    Shop Hours Monday - Friday 1 pm to 6 pm Central time.

    Thanks for Looking,

    Best Fastener Collection in the country for 1970 - 1972 Buick GS, GSX & Skylark! And Made in the USA.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Don't like dealing with the Big Name Retailers?
    Give me a shout. I'll be happy to help and share 30 + years of experience in Racing & Restoring Buick Muscle Cars.

    Check out my New Website for 100's of Buick GS, GSX & Skylark Restoration Parts!
    I now have an
    OEM Page as well with 100's of parts to be added as time permits!


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    Inline, I will take that Todd.
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    Sounds good. Just let me know how you want to do the payment. . . . . PM me or give me a call if you have time.

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    Pm sent with a question about this kit. Thank you in advance.
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    Waiting on mine to come. Todd, could you pm me the tracking info for my packages please.:cool: Thank you
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    Tracking says due tomorrow! :)

    I'll PM the info . . . . .

    Thanks for your order!
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    Thanks again for your help Todd. Both kits arrived and thank you very much for the extra item! Greatly appreciated:cool::cool:
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    Pm sent on similar but different.

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