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Discussion in 'The "Paper Trail"' started by 69SkylarkGS, Mar 29, 2020.

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    F0D6AA02-402C-4F47-83D3-5DF7AB8968D4.jpeg 27A36140-C0CB-430F-960A-F76A6C21A803.png 0D3AE749-BA2A-4D53-BEBA-00E7CD6F67F6.jpeg Unfortunately my car no longer has its tag on the firewall. I’m curious what information I can get about the car. I plan on trying to contact the earliest owner I have paper work from which is the title from 1974. Don’t know if the owner is still alive or not but I thought it would be cool to get information about the car if they are and will talk about it.

    I took pictures of the VIN, engine vin and trans vin. The vins completely match up other than the first number. It’s a 4 on the engine and trans verse a 7 on the car. Although the vehicle vin does start with a 4. What gives with that? Is it suppose to be like that. The car is a 69 GS 350 with an M21.
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    Without a build sheet: You’ll have to do some forensics to get some of the trim tag info. You’ll need to figure out what color it was, what interior and vinyl top/painted top if equipped, then get the codes for them. Your VIN will tell you the assembly plant and, with any luck, you can search for cars with VINs from that plant and look at their trim tags (along with dates from your original parts) to get an idea what week and month it was built. (You can compare two or more and figure out how many cars a week the plant built and plot your VIN on a line). The top right numbers on the trim tag is body number I think? You may not be able to recreate it without a build sheet. Also check to see what info, options if any, etc. were used by that plant to see if yours should have them.
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    Basically what I have right now is a 69 GS350 4 speed 2 door coupe built in Kansas City, MO.

    I know the tranny is dated March 28th 1969 and is an M21. From what I read they were actually built the year prior though. Meaning it was built the same date of 68.
  4. 69SkylarkGS

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    I wish I had a build sheet or the tag. I’ve searched the car but no dice for a build sheet so far. I do have title and registration going back to 74 though.
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    The number on the trans and engine is a partial VIN only. The 3437 from the car VIN is not included in the number stamped on the engine and trans and yes it's supposed to be like that.
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    Ok great just wanted to make sure!
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    This is your trans break down..
    69 march 28th M21
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    Intake and carb will have date as well
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    The original carb is gone but the intake and distributor are still there. I also have the original complete ram air cleaner. I’ll get a picture of the intake when I’m home later today.
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    Neat car! I happen to be a 350 4-sp. fan. Not a lot GS 350 4-sp. Cars survived or don't have 455's.

    Good luck finding your trim tag!
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