Help with removing sick 69 skylark radio.

Discussion in 'The "Pure" Stockers' started by Abel Andres Duque, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. I want to replace my dash speaker, I've taken the ashtray and ashtray bracket out, the 2 top screws off the plastic trim that are located on top of the radio, and the bolt that holds the radio on the back to tha "L" shaped bracket, the radio is more or less loose, but it seems to be anchored at the bottom somehow, I don't want to yank it out in fear of breaking something. Is there a fastener that I have maybe missed? Also it has a blue wire with a connector coming out from it. Im pretty sure this car didn't have the rear speaker option, can I still hook one up from that wire? Here's some pics of the unit and the wire. IMG_20200608_101448.jpg

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  2. mrolds69

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    Abel, you need to pull the inner and outer knobs off. Underneath are two nuts you need to remove. Remove the chrome bezel and underneath are 2 more small nuts to remove.
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  3. Life saver @mrolds69 !!! Got it thank you!!

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  4. GS Spoken Here

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    If it is an AC car you will need to pull the dash pad to remove the center duct to get access to the speaker, to remove.
  5. No, it's not AC , it came right out... anyone knows if the speaker is a 40 watt unit? 20200608_153343.jpg
  6. mrolds69

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    Abel, it looks like a stock speaker. Very doubtful it's 40 watt capable, probably more like 5 0r 10 watts. If you are going to put a modern unit in, you will need a better speaker. You can get a modern but upgraded stock type replacement from
    The blue wire is for the rear speaker if you have one.
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  7. Brad Conley

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    Word of caution with speakers and stock head units. The stock Delco radios MUST have 8-10 ohm speakers or you will blow the final transistors. Most modern speakers are 4 ohm and are not compatible with a vintage Delco unit. As Frank noted above, has the parts you will need whichever direction you choose to go.
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    Yup learned the hard way. I smoked a sweet vintage
    am fm stereo using the wrong speakers.
  9. It's most definitely stock, here's what it looked like when I pulled it out. Full of dead bugs. I am looking for a vintage speaker. Thank you all for the input.

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