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Discussion in 'The "Pure" Stockers' started by Steve A, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. Steve A

    Steve A 454 450

  2. Herman Gross

    Herman Gross Well-Known Member

    Congratulations to Kent Gardner on his car being on the cover! Very tough competitor - hard to beat!
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  3. wallypep

    wallypep Silver Level contributor

    congrats Kent , cool picture :)
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  4. bignastyGS

    bignastyGS Maggot pilot

    They also have it in Muscle Car review and said it was a GSX...But it's a post car..Still a badassed car..
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  5. Greg Gessler

    Greg Gessler GS Stage1

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  6. Tim Clary

    Tim Clary Well-Known Member

    That's a bad ass pic there !!!!
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  7. Donuts & Peelouts

    Donuts & Peelouts Life's 2 Short. Live like it.

  8. kent.gardner

    kent.gardner Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the kind words guys. I was honored and stoked when I found out.
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  9. bignastyGS

    bignastyGS Maggot pilot

    If you don't have the Muscle Car Review magazine,I will send it to you free of charge..I have a tough time getting rid of them when I am done reading them
  10. kent.gardner

    kent.gardner Well-Known Member

    I was able to find a copy locally, so I do have a MCR. I appreciate your offer. It's guys like you that make this board top notch.
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