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Discussion in 'Stock Appearing' started by JLerum, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Tim Clary

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    With Mr. Miller on this one.

    BBC (Chevelle ,camaro) exhaust manifolds SUCK. Vette pieces ARE NICE !
    I always thought Buick exhaust manifolds weren't to bad. Ecspecially after talking to Gessler about flow numbers !

    LS6 70 and 71 intakes are bath tub style also ( So they would fit under the VETTE) On the dyno the tall 3964163 ( 1969 and earlier ) intake is worth 20hp on the dyno!!!!!

    Someone earlier said that NHRA favored the the chevs and mopars.
    I don't think they made the crappy parts ,,just specs and numbers.

    If you want to see favors look up 71 and 72 Buick max NHRA compression.
    How the heellllll do you get 13:1 compression out of a 9:1 smog motor??
    And look up NHRA max lift?? wasn't ACTUAL like .398 .450 ish??

    I too think the stage 2 would run good,BUTTT just like the LS7 cars , never Factory installed so MOOT point.

    Not starting a war , just pointing out facts.:Do No:
  2. Dave H

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    Talking with Gessler a few years back when I was thinking seriously of running my 66 442 in FAST, he said the Olds exhaust manifolds weren't really that bad, but the pancake intake was the limiting factor.

    That really only applies to the W/Z 69-72 442 dual exhaust manifolds...The others are not chambered..worst is the small block which never had dual exhaust manifolds from the factory and more closely resembles campfire wood...

    Unfortunately for FAST or Pure Stock you would have to have a 70-72 big block car to take advantage of those manifolds. 69 442's other than the Hurst, didn't use the 455.

    End of that plan...
  3. britt'sStage 1

    britt'sStage 1 A Lone Wolf In D.C.

    I know this is a Stretch...would the "Factory" Stage 2 GSX that was built by GM, that was taken out to Bill Trevor,back in the day that raced the Ram Air V GTO,(and beat it by 2...) Qualify the Stage 2...? Just asking....Mr.Jay B.Britt,Jr.
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    It absolutely agree with the previous message

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