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    These are super lightweight wheels from Holeshot Wheels. They are a Sunflare 3-PC black anodized wheel with billet center caps,stainless hardware and valve stems. The fronts measure 15x4" with 2-1/2" BS and 5-4-3/4 bolt pattern. The rears measure 15x9" with 4-3/4" BS and 5-4-3/4 bolt pattern. New the fronts are $365ea.+$24 ea. for BS+$34ea. for the center caps+$65ea. for the anodizing+$26 for the stainless hardware+$3.50ea. for the valve stems equaling $1035 for the pair. New the rears are $450ea.+$24ea. for BS+$34ea. for caps+$65ea. for anodizing+$26ea. for hardware+$3.50 for stems equaling $1205 for the pair. Plus the $200 shipping and tax. An investment of up over $2500. All for $2000 if picked up locally or plus the exact shipping cost. The Buick tri-shield on the center caps are just stick on decal. They can be removed to expose the H/S logo if you choose to. Check them out on holeshotwheels.com to check the pricing. Wheels are located in Eastlake,OH and I do have them listed in market place on facebook as well. Tires do not go with the wheels

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