Hot August Nights or Checking one off the bucket list!

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by Bill's Auto Works, Aug 17, 2018.

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    Hello Everyone,
    I just returned home from being in Reno since last Tuesday & the Hot August Nights Show was amazing! It had been on my bucket list for years, so when a gentleman who owns an OT vehicle that had been invited to participate in the prestigious Hot August Nights Cup competition against 39 others inside the Reno Ballroom contracted me to transport his vehicle out & back, I jumped at the chance. His car won overall Best of Show @ Detroit this year & in 2016 won GMs Best of Design @ SEMA. As a transporter, this is another feather in my cap to be trusted transporting something this special back & forth.

    There was no less than 6 outside "Show & Shines" going on at different casinos every day. Each one had between 400 & 1000 cars, so lots of walking & gauking! I managed to get to 4 of them. The downtown Reno one was closest to my hotel, so I went to that one every day. The night time cruises under the arch were also great.

    I took a bunch of pictures & am posting some for your enjoyment.

    God Bless
    Bill Squires(owner)
    Bill's Auto Works

    IMG_20180810_204527902 (640x360).jpg IMG_20180810_124335681_HDR (640x360).jpg IMG_20180810_125421633_HDR (640x360).jpg IMG_20180810_131842909_HDR (640x360).jpg IMG_20180810_135036769 (640x360).jpg IMG_20180810_135232313 (640x360).jpg IMG_20180810_135628676 (640x360).jpg IMG_20180810_145630696_HDR (640x360).jpg IMG_20180810_142039513_HDR (640x360).jpg IMG_20180809_095119900 (640x360).jpg
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    Bill's Auto Works QUALITY AT ITS BEST!

    IMG_20180809_141008703 (640x360).jpg IMG_20180809_144626369_HDR (640x360).jpg IMG_20180809_144400844 (640x360).jpg IMG_20180809_101206476_HDR (640x360).jpg

    A few more pictures. The last one is the 69 Camaro that I took out to the show.

    God Bless
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    Thanks for getting back. I have been to H.A.N. a number of times but never with a car. On my bucket list to do with the car, I think they cap that one at 5,000 cars.. Went to Crusin the Coast this past Oct and that was quite an event with 8,300 registered cars there. I rented a Uhaul auto trailer and towed it down from KC with no problems. Still planning the particulars for H.A.N. this coming year. Looks like you have a very impressive resume on your service. I'll let you know. Thanks!
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