Houston buick club picnic @ bear creek park sunday april 22nd.

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    I wanted to send this to everyone in case you didn`t get the 1st. email about the HBC Picnic this Sunday, it should be a great day . . . unfortunately I, my son Ryan, & J.D.Brooks will not be able to attend. We are going to be @ Texas World Speedway for "open track day". We just got the Fiero/Ferrari running again & need to get ready for the Chumpcar race on May 18-20th. Wish we could be there, but will make the next HBC event. - Robert Mahnke

    Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2012 19:09:30 -0700
    From: houstonbuickclub@yahoo.com
    Subject: Annual Houston Buick Club picnic - Sunday, April 22nd

    Fellow Buick Enthusiasts;

    It is time again for the annual Houston Buick Club picnic.
    By majority vote, the picnic will be held at Bear Creek Park on Sunday, April 22nd from 11 A.M. until 3 P.M.
    This year we will be in pavilion number 5 where we have plenty of tables under cover. (There is no need to bring chairs unless you just want to.)
    There will be a 50/50 jar and raffle tickets for some door prizes!

    As voted on last year, the club will serve fajita beef/chicken and some hot dogs. The event will also include an opportunity to submit names for the Club Board.
    This year there will be multiple openings and your participation to continue club activities is vital.

    If you are a Club member and are current with your dues, the picnic is free. All we ask is that you bring a desert to share.
    If you are not currently a member in good standing, the entre fee will be $5.00/person.

    Shine your ride and come join us at the event!

    Jerryl Nai
    HBC President 2010-2012

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