How do you add attachments to the board?

Discussion in 'Tips On Using The Board' started by Jess, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. Jess

    Jess Meaner than POOP!!

    Someone tried explaining it, but I am not finding where he told me how.
    Can someone explain it in detail please?
  2. David G

    David G de-modded....

    When you post, before hitting the submit button, scroll down on the page, where you will find a button labeled "Manage Attachments". Click there and follow the prompts. A separate window will open with an option there to Browse your computer for the image you want to upload. Once you've found the image you want, on your own computer, double click on it, or click it once then click on Open. You will then be back in the Manage Attachments window, with your file name showing there. Click on the CLOSE button, and you will be back in your post. Then submit.

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  3. Jess

    Jess Meaner than POOP!!

    thanks, I neeeded that..finally I can share the picks I wanted to share,lol :Brow:

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  4. Wulfgar_SS

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  5. ivan g.

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    How come some of the attachments just show up and others you have to click on them?

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