HUGE Skylark, GS, & Riviera Parts Garage/FIRE SALE (1965 era) Wenonah, New Jersey

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by skylarkfire, Apr 9, 2013.

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    With the recent passing of a Buick & Skylark collector in our family we are looking to move a HUGE collection of parts that were in his 4 bay garage. New, refurbished and used parts all over, but very organized and well stored. He had 2 '65 Skylark Show cars convertible and GS, which most of the parts are either from or for... but I'm sure many parts can be used in other years/models.

    We will be at the garage this Saturday (4/13) and will be there for most of the day. Located in Wenonah, Southern New Jersey. Very quick trip from PA & DE. We are opening the doors to all who are looking to stop by and get first dibs on EVERYTHING before it goes up. Priced to move since there is so much and we are looking to sell it all off.

    Are you doing a restoration? Vintage Restoration Shop? Swap Meet vendor? COME MAKE AN OFFER ON EVERYTHING OR LARGE BUNDLES! No REASONABLE offers refused! We are not looking to make a killing, just looking to move it all quickly. Definitely a money making opportunity for those in the biz.

    I WONT HAVE PHOTOS UNTIL SAT... so don't ask, sorry. But here is a general list of parts I know are there...

    *** Body Parts (large and small), Wheels (new & used), motor & trans, Trim, bumpers, interior parts, gaskets, bushings, window glass, etc.
    - Restored & painted (black) ROLLING CHASSY w. all new bushings!
    - 69 Riviera hood & wheels (might be the only riviera specific parts)

    Many tools & equipment for sale as well. Blasting cabinet, large air compressor, table saw, engine lift, etc...

    *** I don't have much info until Saturday, so please don't fill this thread with specific parts questions. This post is for those who are within traveling distance who would like to stop by on Saturday (4/13) to have a look and buy before we post specifics for sale. BEST PRICES & selection that day! Bundle discounts!

    ***Email me for time and address.***

    After Saturday we will be posting all left over parts (if nobody comes and wipes us out)
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