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Discussion in 'Antique Automotive Service' started by Smartin, Apr 30, 2021.

  1. Smartin

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    I'll be posting weekly videos on random how-to's and project updates. Some topics will be in response to questions I get on a regular basis, some will be what I just happen to be working on at the time.

    If there's something specific you want to see, let me know. I'm looking for ideas on topics! I am shooting for new videos to come out every Sunday evening.

    Here is a link to my channel:

    ...and my latest video...
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  3. Utah455

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    @Smartin Thanks for the info! Definitely learning here as I go thru my first restoration.
  4. Gallagher

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  5. Smartin

    Smartin antiqueautomotiveservice.com Staff Member

    Thanks guys!
  6. dr

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    Fantastic. I have kicked this idea around for 2 years. I retired from teaching in 2019. Thinking of showing the "weird crap" we did in class plus how to make stuff for class. I will message you if its ok. I got questions man. lol
  7. Smartin

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  8. FLGS400

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    I subscribed after watching the video on the trim removal
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  9. dr

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    I subscribed
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  11. Smartin

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    Thank you so much for everyone who has subscribed so far!! Feel free to tell all your friends and family :D

    New video tonight...

  12. 69GS430/TKX

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    This is great. I need to learn what you're teaching, so thanks for making the videos. I shall subscribe immediately. :)

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